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This section contains all the collected information I have on game secrets. Anything hidden that's not normally found in the course of the game is in here. All secrets are mentioned as you can find them in the walkthrough itself; this is just a collection of them in one place.

Extra Gallery Images

Gallery option You should know the Gallery option underneath the Options menu from the title screen. Ordinarily you get a new gallery image every time you go through a certain event. After you go through the entire game, you'll have 46 images in the gallery (from 0 to 45). But, there are three extra images you can get.

Image 48 (Section 5.4):
When: Right after Kyle joins your party
Where: Shrine to Althena in the Katarina Zone. Talk to a woman in the back room on the right-hand side two times.

Image 47 (Section 9.2)
When: After you've visited Myght's Lab the second time and Nash leaves your party
Where: Iluk in the Marius Zone. In the house just northeast from the entrance of the town, talk to the man inside.

Image 46 (Section 13.1)
When: After you've rescued Luna and are back in Meribia
Where: Ramus's Shop. Speak with Ramus.

Hidden Cards

Cards option The Card option underneath the Options menu from the title screen you should also know. Normally, cards are obtained from fighting enemies and occasionally they'll drop a card for you to pick up. There are two items which help to increase their frequency, and other ways of obtaining cards.

Card-related Items

Card Hunter: increases chances of getting a card after battle
First you'll need to have spoken with the leprechaun-looking man in Saith after you've returned to Caldor Isle (Section 5.2) in order to open up the Hag's House. Second, you need to get the Thieves' Card so you can open up red treasure chests (Section 6.5). Now, the Card Hunter can be found in the chest inside the Hag's House in the western room.

Card Hunter S: always will get a card after battle
This gem is in the fourth floor of the Protector Cave. So you'll need to have spoken with the guildmaster / barkeeper in Reza after having met the Black Dragon and Lily has been returned. Then up on the fourth floor, on the southernmost end of this floor you'll find this item.

Obtaining Cards

Burg Mushroom card obtained! After Battle:
I already mentioned obtaining cards in battle. Normally after you fight, you'll have a chance of receiving a card of the enemies you defeat. The Card Hunter items increase the odds that you'll get a card. After boss battles you'll always get a card.
Welcome to the card shop! Each card is only 100S!
I'll buy! / No, thanks
Card Shop:

There's also a card shop located at the end of Black Rose Street in Meribia. Enter, talk to the bunny-girl, and she'll offer you a choice of one of three cards for 100S each. Answer either 1) I'll buy!, or 2) Ah, no thanks.

You'll be given a random set of three cards to choose from. Once you agree to buy, you have to buy one of these. You only get cards of characters this way, and you can only pick up cards of characters you've seen up until then (so if you visit when you first enter Meribia, don't expect to pick up a card of Myght yet).

Ah, hello! Would you like to trade?
Of course! / Not now
Card Traders:

There are also two card traders on Lunar. One is in the eastern part of the Marius Zone; the other is inside the Ayakashi Forest in the Stadius Zone.

If you speak with the one in the Marius Zone, he'll ask you if you'd like to trade to which you can say either 1) Of course!, or 2) Not now. At first he'll give you three options; you need certain enemy cards to trade with him for each. The enemies you need to get are found in the Meryod Forest.

If you speak to the one inside the Ayakashi Forest, he won't have a card to trade with you until after you've battled Taben in Ruid. After that, you can go back to him and he'll have a Hi-Nash for trade.

Other Methods:

In addition to the three listed above, there are a few cards available elsewhere in the game. The ones I have thus far are as follows:

Card 53 - Barrel:
On Floor 1 of the Protector Cave. It's east then south from the entrance.

Card 55 - White Dragon Nall:
On Floor 4 of the Goddess Tower (Section 12.2). It's directly north from the entrance to this floor close to the top.

Red Treasure Chests

After you pass the Thieves' Guild test and talk to the barkeeper at Reza, you can go to the Thieves' Guild. Also, you have the Guild Card in your inventory, which enables you to open red treasure chests. Below is a list of red chest locations throughout Lunar.
Burg: Magical Stick: Ramus' house, top floor in empty room
Beat Knuckle: Southeast corner there's a gap that's a passage through the forest. Go south through the trees and enter a clearing where a chest is in the middle.
Sardonyx: In the gap in the forest, behind the trees in the upper-left part of the clearing
Thunder Blade: In the gap in the forest, behind the trees in the lower-left part of the clearing
Goat Forest: Earthquake: In the second part of the forest, north of the bridge there's a chest surrounded by trees. There's an entrance on the eastern side of the chest, where the road touches the trees.
Hag's House: Card Hunter: Inside the house in the room on the west
Saith: 1500S: Behind the house in the northeast corner
Meribia: 2000S: Mel's Mansion, top floor along the western wall beside Mel's room.
Mental Drop: Mel's Mansion, in the northeast corner of the training room
Heal Drop: Mel's Mansion, in the northeast corner of the training room
3000S: Mel's Mansion, in the southwest corner of the training room
2000S: At the docks, in the eastern warehouse on the southern row
Bunny Suit: In Ramus' shop, the side room past the eastern wall, right below the crates (do not get if you want later the Magic Plate or Mirror Shield)
Magic Plate: In Ramus' shop, the same treasure chest if you check in Meribia after defeating Ghaleon but before going to the floating castle (do not get if you want both the Magic Plate and Mirror Shield)
Mirror Shield: In Ramus' shop, the same treasure chest if you check in Meribia after defeating Ghaleon and talking to both Mia and Kyle, but before going to the floating castle (this way you get both the Mirror Shield and Magic Plate)
Vane: Dark Seed: Behind a tree behind the weapons shop
Mental Drop: Behind the bottom-left pillar in the Magic Guild's main hall
7000S: Behind the upper-left pillar in the Magic Guild's main hall
Heal Drop: Behind the upper-right pillar in the Magic Guild's main hall
Music Box (non-item): Mia's room in the Magic Guild, behind the bed
Nanza Pass: Magic Ring: In the area east of town, in the small cave there's the red chest (cave right before you saw Kyle and Jessica fighting)
Coral Tiara: In the area east of town, outside of the small cave on the westernmost side (right across the exit of the cave)
Rainbow Seed: In the basement of town, in the southernmost bedroom
Flame Hammer: In the area south of town, around the northeast corner of the map
Mental Drop: In the area south of town, in the northeastern corner of the map
Lann: Mental Drop: Right beside the items shop outside
Reza: 10000S: In the house accessible via the first doorway on the left past the town entrance, on the ledge
2000S: In the house accessible via the first doorway on the left past the town, in the room at the end of the hallway
Nothing: In the house accessible via the first doorway on the left past the town, in the room at the end of the hallway
Angel Tear: In the house through the doorway in the northwest corner of town, on the ledge
5000S: Behind the bar, the room at the eastern end of the hallway
First Spring: Aquamarine: At the springs south of the Meryod Forest, beside the building
Dream Knuckle: Also at the springs south of the Meryod Forest, beside the spring
Ayakashi Forest: Ruby Glove: North end of the forest, next to the entrance
Flame Ring: South end of the forest, second passage down and to the left
Magical Hat: At the springs, northern red chest
Phoenix Claw: At the springs, eastern red chest

Equipment Series

Barbary Series "Series" equipment refers to a particular set of equipment that, when all equipped, give an added bonus. In Lunar: Legend there are three "series": Barbary Series for Kyle, Gentle Series for Nash, and Magical Series for Mia. Below is a description of each, their effects, and how to obtain them.
Barbary Series

The Barbary Series can only be equipped by Kyle. It primarily boosts his attack and defense. It's comprised of the following:
Barbary Sword: Protector Cave, Floor 1
Barbary Suit: Black Dragon Fort, Floor 1
Barbary Guard: Red Dragon Cave, Floor 5
Barbary Helm: Protector Cave, Floor 2

The effects of each item are as follows (available under Items):
Barbary Sword: ATK+20
Barbary Suit: DEF+1, ATK+10
Barbary Guard: DEF+1, ATK+5
Barbary Helm: DEF+1, ATK+5

The entire series gives an overall benefit of ATK+100 and DEF+66. This turns out to be Kyle's strongest combination of armor and weaponry.

Gentle Series

The Gentle Series can only be equipped by Nash. Altogether this combination boosts his ATK, DEF, WIS, and MDF. It's comprised of:
Gentle Rod: Protector Cave, Floor 3
Gentle Coat: Blue Dragon Shrine, Section 6
Gentle Glove: Black Dragon Fort, Floor 2
Gentle Hat: Vane Underground, Section 8 (after Evil Mist)

The effects of each item are as follows (available under Items):
Gentle Rod: DEF+1, WIS+70
Gentle Coat: DEF+1, MDF+70
Gentle Glove: DEF+1
Gentle Hat: DEF+1

The entire series gives an added benefit of ATK+35 & DEF+48. But, since the Gentle Rod and Gentle Coat carry their own benefits, this results in a total benefit of: ATK+35, DEF+35, WIS+70, MDF+70. The added magic bonuses make his spells incredibly more useful, which is why I suggest keeping this set. Towards the end you may find weapons for Nash which offer higher attack, but since that means giving up the utility of his magic I recommend not bothering.

Magical Series

The Magical Series overall can only be equipped by Mia; though Jessica can equip three of the four items, because she can't use the Magical Stick she can't receive the added bonus. The Magical series contains:
Magical Stick: Burg, in red chest in Ramus's House, Top Floor
Magical Robe: Protector Cave, Floor 5
Magical Brace: Protector Cave, Floor 2
Magical Hat: Ayakashi Forest, at the springs in northern red chest

The effects of each item are as follows (available under Items):
Magical Stick: ATK+1, WIS+80
Magical Robe: DEF+1, MDF+80
Magical Brace: DEF+1
Magical Hat: DEF+1

The entire series gives an added benefit of ATK+35 & DEF+48 when all equipped. But like the Gentle Series, because of the added bonuses from the Magical Robe and Magical Stick, the overall benefit is ATK+35, DEF+48, WIS+80, MDF+80, so it's definitely worth it even though there are items which offer higher attack for her. So, I recommend just using this set.

Protector Cave

It's said that there's a cave of hidden treasures somewhere on this continent. Um... The Protector Cave is already discussed in Section 8.9. I'll give a brief rundown here. First, you can only get to the Protector Cave right after Lily is returned. This happens right after you've fought the Black Dragon, but before you go off to the Frontier. During this time, go to the barkeep in Reza (Lily's father), speak with him twice, and he'll tell you about a secret cave. It's now accessible beside Reza if you exit the town.

The cave itself is somewhat difficult, as the enemies are advanced past the normal level. Also, the Guardian at the end is a bit tough. But, this cave is the only place where you can finish off all the Series equipment, as well as getting plenty of other significant items.

A summary of the items you can find in the cave is:
[Floor 1] Brave Arm, Card 53 "Barrel", Sapphire, Barbary Sword
[Floor 2] Magical Brace, Magic Tiara, Barbary Helm
[Floor 3] Danger Claw, Mind Edge, Gentle Rod
[Floor 4] Blood Sword, Brave Armor, Garnet Claw, Card Hunter S
[Floor 5] Magical Robe
[From Boss] Angel Sword

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