Lunar: Legend, Section 12

12.1) FLOATING CASTLE - How Did the Merchant Get Here?

Dungeon Items:
[Floor 1] Aura
[Floor 2] Master Glove, Dragoon Wand, Holy Hammer
[Floor 4] Demon's Blade, Goddess Robe, Dark Armor
[Floor 5] Salvation

Um... I didn't see this coming. I wonder where I am... Oh, you must be customers First things first, equip the Althena's Sword to Alex. This weapon also heals HP each turn, so if he also has a Heal Ring equipped, it's best to give it to someone else. Once you enter the castle, go to the northwest end of the first platform to see a guy who's apparently a merchant that doesn't know quite what happened--last thing he saw was a light coming from Dyne's Memorial in Burg, but he's ok now. He offers two services actually and asks what you'd like: 1) See merchandise, 2) Nothing right now, and 3) Massage. Picking #1 you'll be able to buy the usual Heal Drops and Mental Gums. Picking #3 will heal all your HP and MP for 3000S, he'll ask if you're fine with paying, you can say either: 1) Yes, please, or 2) No thank you. Nice service.

Humans don't understand anything, they need someone to lord over them A note about the dungeon before you continue: overall it shouldn't be hard if you're properly levelled--and especially if you have all the special armor and weapons equipped that you can. The only difficulty is that some enemies cause your party members to be paralyzed at the start of battle--and a Triple Ring won't prevent that. Don't hesitate to run from battle if you encounter a situation where everyone but Mia and Nash are paralyzed. Anyway, continue on to the east of that platform and you'll run into none other than... Luna. Nall sees her coming and she approaches, saying that Ghaleon let her go and they can run away now. Nall says that Ghaleon is still here, and they can't allow him to gain the sort of power of a god. Luna tells Nall that it's ok; besides, a god is necessary. Humans can't rule themselves, and so there needs to be a power to preserve them. At this point it's fairly obvious, even to Kyle, that this isn't the real Luna, and Royce reveals her true form. She tells them that Ghaleon is waiting in the top room and to come see him if they'd like to die, and disappears.

Salvation found! There are some real good weapons and armor here, especially if you never picked up all the "series" armor in the Protector Cave, so I'll direct you to all the treasure. From where you ran into Royce, continue east and take the first path north. Go to the northeast corner of this platform and get the Aura. Go back south from the platform and continue east along the path until you get to the stairs. On the second floor continue along the only path you can take until it splits. Take the path north and get the Master Glove in the corner of this platform. Go back south and continue down to another larger platform. Get the Holy Hammer in the northeast corner of this platform, and the Dragoon Wand in the northwest corner. Go back up and continue east on that path to the stairs. Continue all the way north through this quick floor. Continue directly north from here and pick up the Demon's Blade. Continue north from the chest and where the platform gets wide go to the west and pick up a Goddess Robe, then east to the other side and get the Dark Armor. Continue north and go through the stairs. On the fifth floor, continue along the only path you can take until it splits; then go south and on this platform you'll find Salvation for Jessica in the northeast corner. Go back up to the path and continue east to the stairs. By now, you should be unstoppable: when I got everything from the Protector Cave, Alex had 7 attacks with two Wind Boots equipped, Kyle had 5 powerful attacks with all the Barbary series and Wind Boots, and everyone else was all manner of invincible with magic; and when I didn't have the special armor, everything else I collected in this dungeon was the most powerful equipment yet and still made me unstoppable. About 90% of the battles were handled by Kyle and Alex alone.

But, you will finally die here. That is my last prediction. Anyway, now that you're on the sixth floor go north and you'll find Royce once again in the center of the room. She simply tells them that they've met their end here: she'll kill them and, as a result, sees nothing in their future. Of course they don't buy this--Mia and Alex both say the future is in their own hands to create, and Royce can't stop them. Now, you'll finally do battle with the powerful Royce. Since I had an unstoppable force at this point, she wasn't too difficult for me; your results may vary.

Royce Your first problem with Royce might be that part of your party is paralyzed. So before you do anything, have the party members that aren't paralyzed use a Para Clean or Prayer Water on the ones who are (hopefully you have these in your inventory). If not, then have Jessica use Pure Litany on whoever is paralyzed. If Jessica herself is paralyzed and you have nothing in your inventory to fix it, then wait a turn or two and see if she automatically revives. So, spend your first turn or two fixing the paralysis, while having anyone available cast power-up spells (like Mia's Grand Weapon, Kyle's Heat Up, or Alex's Kiai) in the meantime. After that, use the usual tactic of Alex casting Sword Dance after he's powered-up, Nash casting Thunderbolt, Mia casting Fire Blast, Kyle casting Shine Sword then using regular attacks after he's powered-up, and finally Jessica casting Protect Litany once then healing up everyone as necessary. At my levels it took about 4 turns to finish. After defeating her, her scream carries all the way to Ghaleon and Xenobia--the latter who was able to sense Royce's defeat. After Royce you don't have too much further to go. Progress upwards to the next floor, heal at the Althena's Statue, and continue north from there to the outside.

12.2) GODDESS TOWER - Final Dungeon

Dungeon Items:
[Floor 3] Crystal Sword, Angel Wrist, Goddess Wrist
[Floor 4] No. 55 White Dragon Nall card
[Floor 7] Spirit Guard
[Floor 8] Mental Drop
[Floor 10] Mental Drop

You who enter the goddess tower, the protector, the Dragonmaster Go north and enter the Goddess Tower. A little up, a voice addresses you, telling you that if you must remember the dragons you met to progress. Go directly north from here and pass under two doorways; after the second go to the east. Hit the button you'll see with white markings around it, then go back west. Continue west past the door and hit the button with red markings around it. Now from here go north and hit the button surrounded by blue. Go east from there past the doorway and hit the button surrounded by black. From here go back west, and midway down the hall where you see the doorway above you, go south (there's a doorway below you, too, but it's hard to see because of the wall). It least to a large room; take the staircase in the middle.

Crystal Sword found! On the next floor you'll find teleporters on four sides of the staircase that are the four colors of the dragons again. Go directly north of the staircase and hit the White teleporter; in the next room go to the Red teleporter, then the Blue teleporter, and finally the Black teleporter (be sure not to hit the one in the middle any time, or you have to start over again). Take the staircase right above you now to the next floor. On the following floor are more teleporters. First go around the middle section and to the south end of the room through the white teleporter. On the next platform, pick up the Crystal Sword and hit the white button on the top (it's what was previously just a marking on other floors). Go back around the middle section to the north end of the room through the red teleporter. Get the Angel Wrist on this platform and hit the red button. Go back through the teleporter, then go southeast to the east side of the room through the blue teleporter. Get the Goddess Wrist on this platform and hit the blue button. Go back through the teleporter again, around the middle part of the room to the black teleporter on the west end, and on this platform pick up the Holy Robe and hit the last black button. Go back through the teleporter, and from here go southeast to find the next staircase. On this floor go all the way east and take the long hallway north. At the end, go west and hit the white button. Continue west past the blue button and hit the red button on the other side. Go back east and hit the blue button in the middle. Now go either east or west, take the long hallway back south, and go back towards the entrance. Go north through the doorway across from the entrance. Continue north, ignore the first paths east and west, and when the path splits again go west and continue north. Go through the next opening east, go a little north, then east through that opening, and continue north. Hit the black button at the top, but before you go on go southwest from the button and down to pick up the Number 55 White Dragon Nall card. From here go all the way north through the next staircase. From here go directly northwest and up the next staircase. From here go east or west, north, then back west or east midway and go up the staircase to the next floor. Now go north and follow this path all the way; just before you reach the next staircase you'll see off to the west a chest with a Spirit Guard in it. Go up the stairs. Now go west, all the way north, then back east and in the first little crevice in the bottom you'll find a chest with a Mental Drop. Go northeast and up the stairs. From here go directly northwest and up the stairs. Now go north, then east all the way and take the last path south; pick up a Mental Drop here. Go back north all the way, then west and take the second path south. Continue along that path to get to the next staircase up. Go directly north from there and up the next staircase.

12.3) GODDESS QUARTERS - Final Battles

I know... She's not the same Luna we once knew You'll finally run into Xenobia. She flashes back to a conversation she had with Ghaleon where he reminded her that once this is all over, she will become the new leader of the Vile Tribe; so, don't die. Xenobia decides then that she must not fail. After an argument over whether it's necessary for the powerful--Ghaleon--to rule over the world, she whisks everyone off to confront an alter-ego of themselves. Kyle is told by himself that all he should worry about is having fun; the future, Ghaleon, the fate of the world, that's all irrelevant. Mia is told by herself how much she hates the fear, the expecations, the burden that others shove upon her and how she wants no more of it. Nash is told that the world should be led by the chosen few, the elite like Ghaleon and himself. Jessica hears that she shouldn't have to worry any longer; her father's gone so now she doesn't have to put up a facade anymore. Alex, meanwhile, is having the hardest time: his alter ego is telling him that there's no point in saving Luna--she now wants to be with Ghaleon. She's no longer the Luna they once knew. At this point, they hear a voice telling them not to give in to those words; remember their travels together up until now, and the dream that she, the Goddess Althena, first shared with Dyne. Everything then turns around: everyone but Alex easily contradicts their alternate self. While Jessica, Kyle, Mia, and Nash are back, Alex is still battling with his other side. He is told one more thing, that he must be strong; but, true strength is not in becoming a Dragonmaster, it lies within the heart shining through darkness. It is at this point Alex realizes that voice reaching out to him is Luna. He believes and quickly defeats his alternate self. Back, Xenobia hardly believes what has happened and attacks.

Xenobia Against Xenobia, I recommend the usual with a little modification: don't use the limit spells just yet. First turn have Alex Kiai, Jessica use Protect Litany, Mia use Grand Weapon on Kyle, and Kyle use Heat Up, but have Nash just use Thunderbolt. Thereafter do the usual with Alex's Sword Dance, Nash's Thunderbolt, Mia's Fire Blast or Inferno, Kyle's regular attacks, and Jessica healing as necessary or regularly attacking. It took me about 5 turns this way. She falls, and Alex realizes that she, too, was fighting for the person she loved. Sad that it turned out this way.

With Luna's death, I will become a new god over this world! Heal up all the way and go north through the hallway. You reach Ghaleon's chambers and find him with Luna, telling her that he's setting right what went wrong fifteen years ago; only now, there's no one to stop them. Her human body will inevitably die, but the power of a god is eternal. Alex rushes in and confronts Ghaleon, who tells him again that the power of a god is necessary, but Althena and Dyne both forgot that. Now he's setting things right, only Luna's body is necessary to revive the goddress. Alex demands still that Luna be released, but Ghaleon tells him that it's too late to reverse the process. Once Luna fades away, he will have collected all magic power and become the world's new god. The rest protest, and Alex finally tells him that humans possess the power to make their own future, that power which Ghaleon feels must be kept in his own hands. Ghaleon then decides that the only way to show this is to defeat them, and you begin your final battle.

Magic Emperor Ghaleon Now you should go all-out. Don't worry about using too much MP or anything (you should have a load of regenerative items anyway). Do the usual the first turn: Alex Kiai, Nash use Charge or Thunder Rain, Jessica use Protect Litany, Mia use Grand Weapon on Kyle, and Kyle use Heat Up. Ghaleon has some pretty powerful spells, so I suggest have Jessica focused entirely on healing after this. Have Alex always use Sword Dance and Kyle always use Shine Sword and regular attacks (these are your two best attacks). Have Mia use Heal Drops if necessary on anyone, otherwise have her alternate between casting Inferno and Grand Weapon on Kyle. Have Nash also use Heal Drops if necessary on any party member, or Thunderbolt if healing isn't necessary. In general, use Heal Drops on anyone Ghaleon attacked directly or whose HP drops below like 120-130. If three or more party members' HP get dangerously low, then have Mia use her limit spell Mist Shell to buy you some time to heal up. At lower levels, expect to have Nash, Mia, and Jessica all focused on healing while Alex and Kyle do all the offensive. Even this way, it took me just 6-7 turns. After that long, hard-fought battle Ghaleon says: "What is this that I failed to see? This... power?" He flashes back to when Dyne took Althena down from the tower fifteen years ago, and explained himself that humans do possess the capability to do most anything, that is the power of humanity. As he dies, Ghaleon finally sees what Dyne was talking about all those years ago: that power he failed to see.

Even if Ghaleon is defeated, I cannot leave this tower Now you can ascend the staircase to rescue Luna. As he approaches, though, Luna declares herself the Goddess Althena and attacks him with lightning. Alex descends again and Nall asks what they're going to do. Ghaleon rouses himself and explains that Luna has been revived as a goddess--she has no memory of herself as Luna. Now, she is the goddess whom Alex is supposed to protect. Alex looks to the others and vows to save Luna and return to Burg. He continues to approach the altar, against Luna / Althena's command. He says that he can't turn back--he won't be made to choose between the world and the one he loves. He'll save them both. He continues and Luna warns him that if he goes any further, then like Dyne he will lose all his power--the power to protect the goddess. Alex replies that the power, rather, is to protect everyone, including her. He asks her to return to Burg with him, but Luna explains that she cannot leave, and as power continues to be drawn from the world eventually it will die. Alex says that he will not give up; he believes in her and in their future together. Luna begs him not to move forward any further, but he does and the armor is dissolved. He extends his hand, and Luna comes to him. When she does, the tower begins to fall apart. Downstairs, Nall tells everyone they must escape--Luna and Alex will be okay. The five of them get out in time to see the tower fall. Nash laments that Alex and Luna both gave their lives for the sake of the world, but suddenly everything becomes bright once again and they see Alex with Luna descending to their surprise. After a joyful reunion you find yourself in Meribia once more.

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