Lunar: Legend, the Guide

As of the date of the creation of this walkthrough, Lunar: Legend is the most recent installment of the Lunar series. Another bloody remake of the original TSS / SSS storyline for the Gameboy Advance, this great game was released in Japan around April 2002 and has just been released domestically in December by UbiSoft.

When I put together this guide, few companies were looking at a domestic release. So, this guide is based off the Japanese version--item lists, spell lists, menu explanations, and even gradually introduced plot translations are included. However, due to the English release, I'll see if I can't revise the site to make it more useful to players of the American version. Specifically I'd like to compile how UbiSoft translated the items (since many of them could be translated different ways), so I can have a better English items list.

If you're playing the American version and impatient, though, then this guide should still be of use to you. The storyline hasn't been changed, nor have the actual events of the game, by UbiSoft. So, if you follow the walkthrough here you'll still be able to get through the game. Red Chest locations, extra Gallery pictures, and Items (though not all the names necessarily) should also be the same.

So, enjoy. I hope the walkthrough is easy enough to navigate your way through. Please see the Questions and Credits section for information on who made the walkthrough possible and how to contact me (by the way, please do not send me questions if you're stuck in the game or ask anything emulation-related). And a great thank-you to LunarNET for hosting.

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~Kaiser Farooque

Recent Updates:

8-25-2004: Second major update. The Secrets section has been added in with information on the extra gallery images, card hunting, equipment series, red treasure chests, and, especially, the Protector Cave.

8-24-2004: First major update. The Protector Cave has finally been added in to Section 8.9 of the walkthrough. Also, dialogues have been removed; since there's an American version, even though the translation is awful, there's not much use and I don't have the time to go through and do my own translations of everything.

7-20-2002: New dialogue, Nash the Elite (first encounter with Nash) is now up. I'll probably continue translations in chronological order unless anyone suggests something... and still working on search engine promotions.
7-19-2002: New dialogue, Betrayal at Caldor (when Ghaleon returns to visit Quark) is now up! Also, red treasure chest location for the Magic Plate and Mirror Shield has been updated.
7-18-2002: Dialogues section is now open! Two dialogues have been translated so far: Alex at Dyne's Memorial in the beginning, and Luna at the springs right after that. Check it out either from the sidebar or below. Also, items page has been slightly updated (thanks again Alunissage).

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If you'd like to contact me, please see below the Questions and Credits section before you do. Also there are some general credits on who made the walkthrough possible and any questions I'd rather answer before anyone asks.
Questions and Credits

Start the Walkthrough
Section 1: Burg to Meribia

- Leaving Caldor Isle and starting the adventure
Section 2: Meribia to Vane
- The journey to the mainland
Section 3: Vane to Meribia
- First assignment from the Magic Guild of Vane
Section 4: Meribia to Burg
- The return home and Ghaleon's disclosure
Section 5: Burg to Nanza
- Cities under attack and Kyle in drag
Section 6: Nanza to Red Dragon
- Journey through the Marius Zone
Section 7: Red to Blue Dragon
- A balloon accident and the magic of song
Section 8: Blue Dragon to Pao
- Forest dreams, the Plains Tribe, plus a cave of treasure
Section 9: Pao to Talon Mine
- The good inventor and Nash's decision
Section 10: Talon Mine to Ruid
- The bad inventor and Nash's decision
Section 11: Ruid to Floating Castle
- Attack of the Grindery and Laike's disclosure
Section 12: Floating Castle to Meribia
- The final battle(s)
Section 13: Meribia
- The return home and end of the adventure
Atlas & Shops
- Maps for town locations and listings of shop merchandise
Item Listing
- Listing in Japanese and English of all items and their effects
Spell Listing
- Listing in Japanese and English of all spells and their effects
Secrets of Lunar: Legend
- Hidden secrets of the game, including extra cards, extra gallery photos, equipment series, red treasure chest locations, and the protector cave
- Brief explanation of Cards, the Gallery, and the White Dragon Wings
Menu Explanations
- Explanations of the various menus and translated screenshots

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