Lunar: Legend, Section 8

8.1) TAMUR MOUNTAIN PASS - Cut Off at the Pass

Dungeon Items:
Brave Helm, Angel Tear, Heal Drop, Shiro Tail, Wind Staff

Brave Helm found! Before going to the pass to continue on to Tamur, consider using the Dragon Wings again to warp back to Saith, go to the Hag's House, and speak with her again to get the card for the Blue Dragon. Now, go back to the Stadius Zone and from here take the pass between Lyton and Tamur. This pass is fairly straightforward; there are a few treasure chests to find, and if you happen to run into a Shiro (looks like a Chiro) then be sure to concentrate all your attacks on it--they carry some good EXP and silver. Now, from the entrance go east and ignore the first two turns to find a chest with a Brave Helm for Kyle. Then, continue all the way to the east past a couple more paths south and take the last way south to get another chest with an Angel Tear. Go back north, back west and take the next path south; you'll find a Heal Drop a little ways down. From here go straight west and you'll find another chest with a Shiro Tail. From here take the path southwest all the way to the corner, then check the little area above the corner for a Wind Staff. From the corner now go all the way to the east along the road.

What in blazes is attacking me?! Along the way you'll run into Xenobia once again. She intends on stopping them right there at the pass and so throws a couple of weak demons your way. After easily defeating them, though, she throws two more. After the second battle, she again summons up two more demons--at this point she's more likely to annoy them for eternity than kill them. But then, arrows come flying from the sky, easily defeating both the demons and turning their aim towards Xenobia. Alex looks up and they see two people apparently from the Plains Tribe on horseback; unfortunately, they leave before you even have time to thank them. Go on east and out of the pass.

8.2) TAMUR - Join Up with Laike

What do you say, Alex? Will you go with me to Myght's Tower? Go to the next town on the opposite side: Tamur. It's a small outpost, but be sure to upgrade your armour--you shouldn't need any weapons right now if you've already gone Red Treasure Hunting. So, I suggest: 2 Silver Plates for Alex and Kyle, a Light Robe for Mia, and a Healer's Robe for Jessica. Continue northward to the corral at the back end of town and you'll run into Laike. He'll ask how they've been doing; Nall and the rest tell him that they've already visited the Blue Dragon and have the helmet. Laike points out that now you just need the Black Dragon; unfortunately, all anyone knows is that the Black Dragon is somewhere far to the east. On top of that, to get to the Frontier where the Vile Tribe resides, Mia heard from her mother that the only way is by air, and they no longer have a hot-air balloon. Laike tells you that close by is another inventor, Myght, who's built entire airships in the past and can help you out. Laike invites Alex to accompany him to visit Myght, Nall goes along too and the rest tell Alex that they'll be waiting behind in town until he returns.

8.3) MYGHT'S TOWER - Did He Build All This?

Dungeon Items:
[Floor 3, Level 2] Barrier Ring
[Floor 3, Level 3] Heal Drop, Dark Sword
[Floor 3, Level 4] 1000S, Setas, Mental Drop

...Alex, why do you think you want to become a Dragonmaster? Go north and leave Tamur, then go to the tower on the northeast corner of the map, that would be Myght's Tower and laboratory (you can also go to another forest, but there's no point yet). Once you enter, Laike wants to ask Alex a brief question: has he ever thought about why he dreams of becoming a Dragonmaster? Alex still doesn't know how to answer that question exactly, and Laike tells him something that a Dragonmaster long ago once said: "The power to protect something is not necessarily the power of a Dragonmaster; rather, true power lies within the hearts of everyone". But, then again, to be a Dragonmaster is still Alex's dream, so that's not important right now.

First, the shimmer of life dances in the night sky, and many points of brilliance illuminate us sleeping children If you go up, one of Myght's assistants is downstairs. If you talk to him, he greets Laike and tells him that Myght's upstairs in his lab right now. So, up to the top floor you must go. Enter the door in the center and you'll come up to a puzzle. You have to walk through the four doors in a particular order to progress to the next level. The paper on the wall that the big red arrow is pointing to yields a hint: First, the shimmer of life dances in the night sky, and many points of brilliance illuminate us sleeping children; Second, when seeds are spread, sunlight does not gently warm me as much as the clear skies; Third, the wind which ripples the waves crossing the distant stars, the singing voice which reaches me; Fourth, when it returns to the night sky, moonlight doesn't guide and travellers return to me. There're a million ways to translate this riddle, but in it is the solution to the puzzle to progress to the next floor. If you want to know the solution without using trial-and-error, walk through the doors in this order: star (west), sun (east), planet (south), moon (north).

Dark Sword found! Once you go through the final northern door you'll enter the main part of Myght's Tower. The flowing lights are actually elevators that will lift you up onto higher floors. If you don't want to hunt around for treasure, then just go up twice to the third floor on the right side and take the doorway on the far right. Go up and all the way left to get a Dark Sword for Alex. Back up a little, head down, go all the way left and take the last path up. Continue along here to exit the tunnel, and the next doorway you come to when you exit is the entrance to Myght's Lab. If you ask me, though, you should spend some time here to look around for treasure. If that's the case, then just follow the next set of directions.

Barrier Ring found! First, go to the right side. Take the light elevator up one floor to the second level and enter the first door on the left. Continue through the tunnel and take the second path south, the first turn west, and go on to find a Barrier Ring. Back up and exit out this tunnel the same way you came in. Second, take the light elevator on the right side one more floor to the third level and enter the first door. When it turns south, go a little west then immediately south; at the end of this path you'll find a Heal Drop. Back out and exit this tunnel the same way you came in again. Now, go right and enter the door at the end. In this tunnel go north and all the way to the west to find a chest with a Dark Sword for Alex. Equip this then exit out this tunnel the same way you came in once again. Third, go back to the light elevator and take it up one more floor to the fourth level (you should still be on the right-hand side of the large room). Enter the first door you see; in this tunnel go up and all the way to the west, when it ends go down then immediately west all the way to find a chest with 1000S. Exit out this tunnel the same way you came in (there're a lot of dead ends and loops, which is why it's easier this way). Now, take the second door right next to you on this level. In this tunnel, continue up then all the way west along the path until it ends. Go down, immediately all the way west, then up and around to get another chest with a Setas. From here go left then all the way south to exit out the southwest corner. Once you exit, take the other door next to you to enter another tunnel. Continue along this path, when it splits go north, then right and around to get a chest with a Mental Drop. From the chest go all the way to the east, then south to the exit. Now you're ready to leave; so go back to the light elevator. Entering it once will take you down to the bottom level; enter it twice more to go back up to the third level. Once here, go all the way to the right and enter the doorway at the end again. Continue through this path, take the first opening south, then go immediately west; take the next opening back north and walk all the way to the end of the tunnel to the exit. Once out, take the next door over and you'll enter Myght's Lab.

What? The Frontier? So you're gonna have me build another Airship, eh? Once you enter Myght's Lab, Laike takes Alex up to meet the inventor. He introduces Alex and tells Myght that he's planning on becoming the next Dragonmaster. But, after he finds the Black Dragon, to go to the Frontier and defeat the Magic Emperor he's going to need one of Myght's airships. Myght agrees and tells them it's going to be a little while; Laike says in the meantime to return to Tamur and, with the others, go south to visit the Plains Tribesmen; he's heard rumours that the Black Dragon resides there. Now that your business is taken care of, Laike suggests to use the Dust Chute to exit. Take the door on the upper-left side and you'll go back to the first floor. Now go down to leave the lab.

8.4) TAMUR - Join the Party

Once you leave this town you'll find the Illusion Woods; you should pass through there Leave Myght's Tower and return to Tamur. Laike is about to go on his separate way, but first asks what Jessica meant about going east. Alex explains that the Blue Dragon said the Black Dragon is somewhere eastward, but they don't know more than that. Laike tells him that the only road to go further east is to pass through the Illusion Woods. They thank him and Laike leaves.

He left just before you returned, saying that he'll be back in a moment Go south in town to find the rest of the party waiting--except for Nash. Talk with Kyle and everyone will rejoin Alex. They'll explain what went on with Myght about the Airship. Jessica says that now they just have to wait for Nash; after a little while Nash comes along and apologizes for being late. He says that there's some commotion up north in the square, Now that he's rejoined, you're all ready to go. Now head on up to the square / corral.

Well then, Alex! I'm strong, so attack me with all your effort! Once you get there, you find a man being tied upside down with two Plains Tribesmen questioning him. Alex and the rest will run up and demand that they stop; but then Alex recognizes the two. The man introduces himself as Tempest, and the other one as his woman, Fresca. The one they have tied up is a man selling false medicine and lying about their effects. He asks if Alex is trying to help the liar, but then Fresca recognizes Alex and the rest as the ones they helped at Tamur Pass. Tempest then challenges Alex to a spar to see if he's truly a warrior, and to decide the fate of the phony pharmacist. Before you begin, Tempest asks for Alex's name and he introduces himself. Then, battle begins. The fight shouldn't be too difficult, even if you just keep attacking. Afterwards, Tempest looks defeated, but quite happy to have found such a powerful opponent. Anyway, what happened is that a singer from the Plains Tribe was kidnapped by the Vile Tribe, and they've been searching for her. Nall says that they're doing the same, looking for Luna. Tempest then gives Alex his pendant as proof of his courage, the Dragon Necklace. He wishes Alex good fortune and says that they'll soon meet again. After they leave, Nall looks at the pendant Alex received and sees a carving of the Black Dragon; so perhaps they know the way to the Black Dragon, suggest Mia. Kyle has them untie the mock medicine man and continue on their way.

8.5) ILLUSION WOODS - Dreams in the Forest

Dungeon Items:
[First Part] Heal Drop, Mental Drop, Spike Shield, Holy Tiara, Chiro Tail
[Second Part] Sonic Claw, Star Brace

Holy Tiara found! Leave Tamur and go east to the woods. The Illusion Woods is aptly named, so you have to explore around a little bit first. From the entrance, go south and take the first tiny path west. Go through there, then north to pick up a Heal Drop. Now go all the way south from here to find a Mental Drop. Go back up and take the path back east again. Go south from here and immediately go east once you're in the clearing; you should find a chest with a Spike Shield in it for Kyle. From the chest continue all the way east; go a little bit northwest to find a Holy Tiara for Jessica. From here continue north and northeast along the path to find a Chiro Tail at the end. After that much exploring, head back towards the exit. When you pass through that clearing and try to go north, Jessica will stop you and suggest to rest for the night. Nash suggest that perhaps the exit is sealed by magic, and Mia agrees since she feels a weak magic presence around; so you decide to rest for the night (to trigger this event, you need to have gone at least as far as the treasure chest where the Holy Tiara is located, and have checked the area on the far west side--the one you get to by taking the first passage left next to the entrance).

Even though you said that, you're not a bandit, let alone a pirate... During the night, when most everyone else is already asleep, Jessica is still awake looking at the night sky telling Kyle how beautiful it looks. Kyle, though, is fast asleep, to Jessica's chagrin. She recalls a time a long while back in Meribia. Kyle was about to leave without saying goodbye--she stops him before though. Then, for no apparent reason, Kyle tells Jessica of his dream: 'One day, I'll have a ship, like Mel'. 'Then what?' Jessica asks, to which Kyle responds: 'I don't know, it'll be an adventure! I'll sail across the seas, see what no one else has seen!It'll be the greatest adventure in the world!'. 'Would you take me?' Jessica asks him, worriedly. Kyle then adds that he has every intention of taking Jessica along with him. After that flashback she smiles, relaxes, and goes to sleep. Upon waking up, Alex rouses himself from a dream about Luna, which consequentially wakes everyone else up. After that, two people from the Plains Tribe come through to ask what Alex is doing there. He explains himself, but then the two see his necklace and realize he's a friend of Tempest. They then show the path through the forest by dispelling the illusion.

Star Brace found! Now you can go on. Go through the opening just created and head immediately west to pick up a Sonic Claw for Jessica (though I prefer the Phoenix Claw). From here go back all the way east--ignore the exit to the south you'll see for now--and head up northeast to find a Star Brace for Nash. Head back southwest from here and take the exit you'll see to the south out of the bloody forest. You'll enter directly into Pao, the village of the Plains Tribe.

8.6) PAO - A Plain Village

Oh... Alex, you came at a bad time. Now, the Dark Songstress... There are two main tents in the village, both are the bigger, more decorated ones. Go to the southernmost tent to find Tempest inside. Speak to him and he'll welcome Alex to Pao. Jessica says hello and then asks about the Black Dragon, seeing as how a relief of the dragon was on his necklace. Tempest explains that the fortress of the Black Dragon is holy ground, and they are charged with protecting that fort. After some insistence, Alex also returns the necklace. But then Tempest tells them that they came at a bad time, seeing as the Dark Songstress has their town under seige--just as he says this, though, you hear her song. The voice sounds just vaguely familiar, but suddenly Jessica doesn't feel so well and drops to the floor, followed shortly by Mia. Fresca runs in and tells Tempest that she's found the Songstress in the Black Dragon's Fort, right before she falls to the same fate. Tempest tells her to hold on and runs off to the Black Dragon's Fort. Fresca implores Alex, Kyle, and Nash to help Tempest: the Songstress has strong magic power and he can't go at it alone.

...ok, I am also an Elder of Pao! The cave is forbidden, but you travellers please assist Tempest and this village Leave the tent and first head to the items store to stock up on a few healing items, you may need them. Then, head to the northernmost tent in town--the decorated one--and enter it. Talk to the woman in there and Nall will explain that they're friends of Tempest and want to help him. She thinks it over a minute, then grants them passage through into the Black Dragon Fort, telling them to take care and help their village.

I heard the chief's words to let you enter. Please, pass through and help Tempest! Leave and go to the northeast end of town to find a small cave entrance in the side. Enter and speak with the boy guarding the next entrance. He'll let you pass, asking Alex and the rest to please help Tempest and their village. Enter the doorway.

8.7) BLACK DRAGON FORT - Lack of Women

Dungeon Items:
[Floor 1] Mental Drop, Barbary Suit
[Floor 2] Battle Sword, Gentle Glove, Mental Drop, Tormarin
[Floor 3] Topaz, Angel Ring
[Floor 4] Wind Orb, Battle Armor, Dragon Bandanna
[Floor 5] Judge Stone

Great, you came! Now then, help me out This particular dungeon isn't too difficult, the only factor to consider is your lack of healing spells since Jessica and Mia are out. Now, go north through the next doorway and go through the doorway that's off to west to enter a room with a Mental Drop. Back up and continue north through the next door, then turn to the east and continue down the hall through the next door. Don't go up the stairs yet, but go south through another door, take the door on the east, and in the room there grab a Barbary Suit. Back up now and take the stairs up. Go immediately south and pick up the next chest with a Battle Sword. Once you go through the next doorway you'll spot Tempest who gladly accepts Alex's help (as apparently monsters aren't supposed to be in this fortress) and joins your party. Back up a little and pick up the Gentle Glove in the chest you had to skip. Now go directly northwest from here to find a Mental Drop in the corner of the same room. Go up through the next door, to the northeast, and down through the next door. Go immediately east, down through the door, and pick up the Tormarin in the chest you'll see. Go west and through this door to go up the stairs. On this floor, go down through the next door south, then head west and go north through two more doors to find a chest with a Topaz in it. Go east and take the door in the southeast corner of this room, and in the next room if you go northeast you'll find an Angel Ring and the stairs.

The Black Dragon! No way... On the fourth floor, go south through a door and pick up the Wind Orb in the chest off to the side. Go west from here and up through the next door you find. You'll stop and Nall will hear something, a voice calling to them. It turns out to be the Black Dragon--or, rather, like the Red dragon, the spirit and not the actual form of the Black Dragon. The same Songstress causing Pao's plague is behind that. He explains this and gives Alex the Black Dragon Armor. He's not a Dragonmaster yet, however, as he hasn't passed this trial. First Alex must realize his true power in his heart to unleash his ability to be Dragonmaster; the armor will shine letting him know. The Black Dragon then fades away and you continue. Equip the Black Dragon Armor on Alex now. In this big room, go to the northeast corner through the door there to find a chest with Battle Armor. Go back into the large room, head directly west and go down through the door you see there. Pick up the Dragon Bandanna for Nash in the chest there and continue south to go upstairs. On the next floor, go right and get the chest with a Judge Stone inside. Heal up now and head upstairs to the last floor.

Stop! Alex, run away! Now you'll enter the Black Dragon's Lair. Alex and the rest will walk up to see Luna standing there. Alex rushes forward, but Luna has just a blank look in her eyes. Tempest sees her as the Songstress that has been plaguing the village and is about to rush in to attack, until Nall and Alex stop him, explaining that she's supposed to be Luna but something is wrong. Tempest relents, and tells Alex that he can try to bring her back, but he only has one chance since he can't afford to let her get away. Alex approaches her, but then Magic Emperor Ghaleon teleports in behind her, giving Luna an order to sing. She lets out another song bringing everyone to their knees. Alex, though, manages to call out her name and for just a brief moment the true Luna is revived inside her. The song is broken, but Ghaleon still holds on to Luna. It is now that Alex realizes his true power and in a flash of light becomes Dragonmaster--this doesn't faze the Magic Emperor any, and Ghaleon orders the enslaved Black Dragon to attack.

Black Dragon The Black Dragon will be difficult only if you are lacking in healing items. Otherwise, several turns and magic spells later he should be defeated. Alex also now has Dragon spells, but these are high in MP so I suggest not using them now. My strategy is for the first turn to have Alex use Kiai, Nash use Thunder Rain or Charge, Kyle use Heat Up, and Tempest use regular attacks. After this, have Alex continually use Sword Dance, Kyle use regular attacks, Nash use Shupel Glome (or Riot if low on MP), and Tempest continue with the attacks. If someone is low on HP or MP, have Nash pause to use healing items. It took me just 4 turns, but I'm overlevelled by this point.

Yes... Magic Emperor Ghaleon When that's done with, Dragonmaster Alex will demand again that Ghaleon release Luna, but the fact that he's now a Dragonmaster seems to make no difference to Ghaleon. He reasserts his hold on Luna and revives the Black Dragon to take with him. He tells Alex to follow him to his Grindery in the Frontier if he wants to face him off and exits. After they leave you exit the lair. Leave the Black Dragon Fort the same way you came or use a Dragon Feather to return to Pao. You may want to also de-equip Tempest of everything here to sell in town.

8.8) PAO - A Plain, Cured Village

Ah, it's not finished yet--it should be just one more night. We should head to Myght's Lab Once you exit the cave, go to the southernmost tent (Tempest's one) and enter. You'll find Fresca along with Mia and Jessica completely cured and just about to go look for Tempest and the other three. Kyle and Nash explains what went on: Luna was the Dark Songstress, her mind taken over by Ghaleon. Ghaleon left for the Grindery on the Frontier. About this time Laike walks in. Tempest and Laike apparently know each other. They exchange a few words and then Laike congratulates you on becoming the new Dragonmaster. Nall asks about the Airship. Laike says it should be done after one more night and that they should head over to Myght's lab. Tempest wishes you luck and leaves your party. This part is very important: talk to Tempest again and he'll present Alex with the Master Sword--the second-best weapon for Alex in the entire game. Now you can leave on your way. But first you have some business to attend to. First, transport back to Saith, go to the Hag's House, and talk with her to get the last dragon card: Black Dragon - Rubeus. Next, we have the largest secret in the game...

8.9) PROTECTOR CAVE - It's a Secret to Everybody

It's said that there's a cave of hidden treasures somewhere on this continent. Um... This part is also more briefly explained under Secrets - Protector Cave. First, let's transport to Reza via the White Dragon Wings. Go up and speak with the barkeep / guildmaster. Apparently, Lily is back all safe and sound; though we don't entirely understand why. Nevertheless, the guildmaster thanks you all the same. Speak with him a second time, and he'll tell you of the existence of the Protector Cave, a cave of hidden treasures. There are monsters, but a Dragonmaster should be able to handle it. That's all the information you need to trigger the cave showing up on the map. Now, exit Reza, and go to the Protector Cave which is just beside Reza (you have to hit up or right twice to get Nall to highlight it; it's funny like that).

Dungeon Items:
[Floor 1] Brave Arm, Card 53 "Barrel", Sapphire, Barbary Sword
[Floor 2] Magical Brace, Magic Tiara, Barbary Helm
[Floor 3] Danger Claw, Mind Edge, Gentle Rod
[Floor 4] Blood Sword, Brave Armor, Garnet Claw, Card Hunter S
[Floor 5] Magical Robe

You who press forward with such savage power: what will you make of that power? Just to let you know, there are a mess of valuable treasures in here, including what you need to finish out all three Equipment Series. I suggest trying to get everything possible. A fair warning, though: the enemies in here are quite tough. Don't be afraid to use your MP--you can always backtrack and exit out of the cave if you're desparate. Now, on the first floor take the passage to the south you see just below you and get the Brave Arm at the end of it--I suggest to equip it on Kyle already. Go back up and then head to the east; take the next path south and grab a chest with a bonus card in it off to the right. From here continue south and go left around the pillar to find another chest with a Sapphire in it. From the chest continue directly west all the way and go to the southwest corner of this floor to find a Barbary Sword. Now, from this chest go directly east along the southern wall. You'll come to the exit, and pause--Kyle hears a voice saying "You who press forward with such savage power: what do you make of that power?" But, apparently, Kyle is the only one who heard it. The voice repeats, so Jessica asks what it says and Kyle responds. Jessica asks what he would answer to it, so Kyle says aloud that he does what he can to make things easier. The voice accepts the answer and they move on after that incident. Go on through that door to the second floor.

You who deliver the goddess' mercy: when one you love and one you hate is hurt, on whom do you bestow your mercy? From here, first go all the way west to find a Magical Brace. Back up a little and take the path directly south from the entrance door to the end to find a Magic Tiara for Mia or Jessica (I suggest Mia). Back up again to the entrance door and now take the path east from here all the way to the end, go south all the way, then go west until you see a second passage north. Go up and you should see a little room with a chest; in that chest is the Barbary Helm, the final piece of the Barbary series for Kyle. Now, equip on Kyle the Barbary Sword, Barbary Suit, Barbary Guard, and Barbary Helm for a great ATK+100 and DEF+66 bonus. This is the best combination for Kyle throughout the rest of the game. Now go back down and continue to the west then go north for another voice to speak: "You who deliver the goddess' mercy: when one you love and one you hate is hurt, on whom do you bestow your mercy?" But, it's Jessica who hears it now. She answers aloud that the relationship to her doesn't matter, but like Althena she does what she can for everyone. The voice accepts this, and you can continue. Go a little further north and northeast to find the next door to the third floor.

Voice, my power is to protect the one I love. That is my answer. From this door immediately go to the east to find a Danger Claw near the door. Now go back west, take that little passage between the walls and go directly south when you see the path splitting in three directions. Take that path that goes southwest to find a Mind Edge right there. Now back up a little to where the path split off and go straight northwest from there. Continue west then when you reach the corner go south and follow this path all the way until you start hearing voices again. "You who call forth thunder: what purpose does your power serve?" Nash's turn, it would seem. But instead of responding aloud, embarassed he steps forward and softly whispers the answer: to protet the one he loves. He steps back and explains he's answered silently; the voice accepts and you can continue. First, go up and immediately west to that first chest you see there for a Gentle Rod. Now you have all of the Gentle series for Nash; if you equip all four (Gentle Rod, Coat, Glove, and Hat) then Nash will get an extra bonus of ATK+35 & DEF+48. This is worth it since two of the items allow your MDF and WIS to shoot up 70; so I recommend the Gentle series. Go back to the east now and you'll see the door to the fourth floor up there.

You who control fire and ice: how did you acquire the power to wield opposing forces? From the door go south and immediately west; follow this path to the corner to find a Blood Sword. Go back and continue all the way east past the door and everything; at the end of this path when you go up north you'll find a chest with Brave Armor. Go back south, a little back west, and now take the path continuing to the south. Where it splits, first go to the east and you'll find a Garnet Claw. Go back to the west, and take the next path to the south. Continue southeast along this path to get a Card Hunter S; equip this in place of the Card Hunter if any of your party members have that equipped at the moment. Go back northwest and take the little path to the west. The party figures that only Alex and Mia are left; continue a little and the voice is inside Mia's head: "You who control fire and ice: how did you acquire the power to wield opposing forces?" She answers, smiling, that she received it from her mother, and she uses it to help those she loves--the friends whom she is with. The voice accepts and you can continue. Go up through the door to continue to the fifth floor.

I want to be strong... not to attack, but to protect This floor looks a bit odd. Anyhow, get the chest up and to your left you see there for a Magical Robe. This is the last of the Magical series; I suggest to equip all four (Magical Stick, Robe, Brace, and Hat) on Mia for a ATK+35 & DEF+48; this is worth it for the WIS+80 and MDF+80 bonuses you get from the Magical Stick and Magical Hat. This is also the last of all "series" items--I told you this dungeon was worth it. Now, before you continue, heal up all the way; if you're really low on HP, then have Nall use his spell Goddess Althena (access it through the menu under Nall)--if you're too low on MP, then you might want to run back to Reza, heal there, then run back to the top floor again. Anyway, on the top floor, continue up and check the stone with the big red arrow and you'll hear a voice--rather, everyone hears the voice: "You who have been guided by the power of the dragons..." Nall surmises that it's Alex's question, as he's the Dragonmaster. The question continues: "You who have been guided by the power of the dragons: what is it that you seek?" Alex answers that he wishes to protect--he cannot once again let someone he loves get hurt. The voice then says that he must thereby prove his power... and the boss battle with the Guardian begins.

Guardian This is a difficult battle, especially if you're not highly levelled up. But, it's possible to do. What I suggest is, first, to have all the "series" equipped: Nash with the Gentle Series, Mia with the Magical Series, and Kyle with the Barbary Series. Also, if you're under level 30, if Mia's limit is full that will be extremely useful (you might need her Mist Shell spell towards the end). Hopefully you've already done that, or you at least have a recent save so you can load it back up. Now, first turn I suggest having Alex Kiai, Nash use Charge or Thunder Rain, Mia use Grand Weapon on Kyle, Jessica use Protect Litany, and Kyle use Heat Up. The Guardian will probably use an attack that harms all party members. Now, from the second turn onwards, have Alex use Sword Dance, Nash use Riot (or Shupel Glome if you have enough MP), Mia use Fire Blast, Jessica use Tranquil Litany, and Kyle use Shine Sword first then regular attacks after that. If you get dangerously low on HP (if any party member has less than 40-50 MP) then have Mia use her Mist Shell spell to give you enough time for Jessica to heal everyone back up. If anyone is low on MP, have Nash use a Mental Gum or Mental Drop to refill it. At level 33 it took me 4-5 turns this way.

Angel Sword obtained! After the battle, the voice will present you with an Angel Sword. This weapon isn't as strong as the Master Sword, but if you equip it with the Master Book (which you should've gotten from Dross way back towards the beginning of the game), then it'll enable the Single Strike limit spell; but even though it's a cool-looking spell, it's just as effective as the Kiai + Sword Dance combination I've been telling you to use. So, keep the Master Sword for now. Anyway, you're finished with the biggest secret of Lunar Legend, so go on and exit the dungeon to continue with your quest.

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