Lunar: Legend, Section 13

13.1) MERIBIA - The Adventure Is Finally Over

Wait until people hear that the Dragonmaster used to shop here Now that you're in Meribia, the mood is bright again. Jessica remembers that since Xenobia is gone, her father should be okay once again and drags Kyle along to go with her. Mia tells Alex that they'll be on Black Rose Street, they have a lot of work ahead of them to rebuild the Magic Guild. Nall suggests that they go see Ramus, since it's been so long. Once you're back in control you can wander around Meribia as much as you want. You can skip ahead to part five in this chapter, speak with Laike, and end the game already--but you'll miss out on some things. So, go to talk to Ramus in his shop. He congratulates Alex and welcomes Luna back, very happy; even more so, he says he'll get great business once word gets out that this was Dragonmaster Alex's favorite store. He thanks Alex too, since if he never accompanied them on their adventure through Goat Forest that day, he would've never ended up owning his store. He asks them if they're headed to Burg, to please put in a good word for him with his father. Ramus then gives a little gift: a picture of Luna for the Gallery (see the Miscellaneous section for the Gallery explanations).

You did great, Mia. And Nash, thank you for protecting her After speaking with Ramus, you can go to Black Rose Street to find Mia and Nash. Go to the end of the street to find them speaking with Lemia. She's happy to see them back safely and thanks Nash for his help in protecting Mia. Now that everyone is safe, Lemia tells Mia she doesn't need to be sad anymore. If you speak with Mia again, Lemia will tell her that she's stepping down and will have Mia be the new head of the Magic Guild. She believes in Mia and Nash that they have the power to revive it. Oh and now that you have money to spare, and have seen all the characters, stop in at the card shop at the end if you feel like trying to collect everything.

Well, the only person who could tame a shrew like Jessica is a man like you You can also go to Mel's Mansion to see Jessica and Kyle. Try to go to Mel's office, and you'll run into Jessica dragging Kyle behind her. Luna wonders if there's some problem with Mel; Jessica corrects him, Mel is healthy but the problem is with Kyle. Jessica explains that Kyle is far too scared to stand up to her father. Kyle protests, but she doesn't care and still pulls him in to see Mel. Kyle runs to hide, and Jessica runs to greet her father. After Mel thanks the goddess for his daughter back, Kyle is spotted and told to come out. Mel tells him henceforth to treat Jessica well, as only someone like him can handle a woman like Jessica. In other words, he's finally giving the thumbs-up to Kyle to be with his daughter.

Alex, Luna, we the Vile Tribe can once more believe in ourselves At any point when you're in Meribia, if you try to leave then Luna will stop Alex, telling him that they're supposed to be returning to Burg--not setting off on another adventure. Alex will back up, and then you'll see Phacia appear. She thanks Alex and tells them that the Vile Tribe is now ready to create their own destiny and live among the rest of the world once again. She says that there's a lot of work ahead of them, but they await the future, which looks bright. Phacia thanks Alex and Luna once more, says good-bye, and leaves.

Well then, let's go! After doing what you want in Meribia, finally head to the docks and you'll find Laike looking at the ocean (just north of where the road ends, before you hit the docks). Speak to him and he'll ask if they're ready yet to return to Burg. You can answer either: 1) Yes, 2) Just a little longer. Pick #1 and Alex will address Laike as Dyne just before he's interrupted; Laike tells him that the man who goes by that name is no more, the age of gods and heroes is over. Henceforth it's the age of ordinary people with courage who will make history. He understands what happened with Ghaleon, and that it was his outlook on the world, but doesn't wish to discuss it further. He decides to set off on another journey and says they should meet again sometime. Anyway, Alex, Luna, and Nall by now are fully ready to finally return to Burg. And the credits roll.

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