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The Silver Star - Characters

Welcome to LunarNET's TSS characters section! Below are bios from the major and minor characters of Lunar: The Silver Star

Alex Noah
Voice: Ashley Angel (US), Kikuko Inoue (JP)

Alex is the hero of our story. Born in the village of Burg, his lifelong dream has always been to become a Dragonmaster, just like his hero Dyne.

Alex's surname (Noah) was never mentioned in the game itself, but is given in the Lunar I+II Artbook; Noah is also the name of his father (who set off on an adventure with Dyne himself, long before Alex was born). Alex's name in the Japanese version was also transliterated as 'Arhes'.

Voice: Rhonda Gibson (US), Kikuko Inoue (JP)

When Alex was a child, a mysterious stranger left Luna (and Nall) in the care of Alex's parents. Since then she was raised in the village of Burg. Her friendship with Alex eventually blossomed into something greater, by the time their adventure began.

Luna's surname was given as Noah in the Lunar I+II artbook, though we never know if it's one she took from Alex's parents or Alex himself. Luna's name in the original Japanese version was also transliterated as 'Luhna'. (At least one very preliminary sketch even gave her name as 'Elena', but that never made it into production.)

Voice: Jackie Powers (US), Rei Sakuma (JP)

When Alex was a child, the same mysterious stranger who left Luna also left Nall in the care of Alex's family. Nall has ever since then been a constant companion to Alex. He doesn't know exactly what he is, but one thing he is not is a flying cat!

If the situation is just right, Nall will even attack enemies during battle. It's difficult to replicate (it's only been observed in the final dungeon) and he takes only about 1HP off per turn, but it can happen.

Ramus Farmine

Ramus is the son of Burg's mayor, and Alex's childhood friend. It was his idea to first set off for the Dragon Diamond and, eventually, onwards to Meribia. While he's not particularly strong or magic-savvy, he makes up for it with a keen business sense.

Ramus's surname was only mentioned in the Lunar I+II artbook (and possibly other sources).

Nash Lumach

Nash is a 3rd-year apprentice with the Magic Guild of Vane, an elite magician who is also an assistant of the Great Sage Ghaleon. His arrogance can be off-putting, but maybe there's more to him than that. He's constantly pining after Mia, but never quite has the nerve to act on his feelings.

Nash's surname is given in the Lunar I+II artbook, but was never mentioned in any game until Lunar: Legend. While he's always an elite member of the Magic Guild, he tends to show up at a different point in the story depending on the version (original, remake, GBA version, novels, etc.). And yes, that is his real hair. Also, his original name in the Japanese version was transliterated as 'Nasch'.

Mia Ausa

Mia is the daughter of Lemia, and heir to the Magic Guild of Vane. While an incredibly powerful magic-user, she has also led a very sheltered life and is quite soft-spoken and even shy.

The Magic Guild has always been led by an Ausa, and the Ausa family is based on matrilineal descent. Some of Mia's forebearers were mentioned in the Vane Airship Story manga, and her (presumed) descendents, of course, are in Lunar: Eternal Blue.

Jessica Alkirk

Jessica is the daughter of Master Mel. But don't let the background fool you: she's an incredibly confident and strong-willed woman who won't hesitate to exercise her power when the situation calls for it. She's also a very capable healer, having spent much time as an apprentice at the Temple of Althena (at least, when she isn't skipping class). She often fights with Kyle, but there's a definite affection there.

Jessica's full name was 'Jessica Alkirk' in the original TSS (both Japanese and US versions), although her father has always been 'Mel de Alkirk' (both Japanese and US versions). No indication why the 'de' was dropped.


Kyle is the leader of the bandits (or protectors, depending on whether you remembered to pay up) at the Nanza Barrier. He's an incredibly powerful and capable swordsman, even if a bit headstrong at times. He may be a perfect match for Jessica, but that doesn't stop him from constantly getting in trouble with her.

Kyle's name in the original Japanese version was transliterated as 'Killy'. Also, fun fact: in the novels, he was made a pirate instead of a bandit. Then again, the novels changed nearly everything.


Fresca (and her husband Tempest) hail from the Plains Tribe of Pao. An adept rider, hunter, and fighter, she set out with Tempest to find a cure for the plague afflicting her people.

In the US version, her full name was 'Franchesca', shortened to 'Fresca'. In the Japanese version, her name was originally transliterated as 'Pilya'.


Tempest is the son of the chieftan of the Plains Tribe of Pao, and the husband of Fresca. Also an adept rider and fighter, he set out with Fresca to find a cure for the plague afflicting his people.

In the Japanese version, Tempest's name was transliterated as 'Temzin', although the actual pronunciation is closer to 'Temujin' (which was the given name of Genghis Khan) -- the similarity is probably intentional (although it was never specified), since the style of the village, the tents, and even many aspects of the culture of the Plains Tribe bear a similarity to Mongolian nomadic culture.


Laike is a mysterious stranger whom Alex and his friends first encounter at the Weird Woods. A very genial man, he's constantly journeying from town to town in search of... what, exactly? He's also an unexpectedly proficient and incredibly strong fighter.

Laike's name in the Japanese version was originally transliterated as 'Laeik'.


The Goddess Althena is the goddess of love and beauty. She is the primary goddess of Lunar, and temples devoted to her can be found dotting the landscape. She loves music and song, but also has a terrifying side: five-hundred years ago, she banished the Vile Tribe to the Frontier when they rose up in rebellion and attempted to conquer the world. Periodically, she is reborn as a human and lives among the people, returning to the Goddess Tower after each rebirth.



Dragonmaster Dyne was the last Dragonmaster prior to the events of The Silver Star. As legend goes, he and three other heroes (Ghaleon, Mel, and Lemia) once defeated a powerful demigod that sought to destroy the world; thereafter, they were known as the Four Heroes. Some time after that adventure, the Goddess Althena once again needed the help of both Dyne and Ghaleon to stop the Black Dragon, who had gone insane. They were successful, and Ghaleon came back from that task, but Dyne never did...

Dyne's name in the Japanese version was originally transliterated as 'Dain'. Same pronunciation.


Mel de Alkirk

Master Mel was one of the Four Heroes who traveled with Dyne. Now, he is the mayor of Meribia, the largest city on Lunar. Under his leadership, Meribia has become safe and more prosperous than ever before; and as a beastman he has been an inspiration to many. Surprisingly, he was originally a pirate before his adventures with Dyne; after fighting for seven days to a stalemate with the soon-to-be-Dragonmaster, they called a draw and Mel joined with Dyne to save the world. He settled down and married a noblewoman in Meribia; his wife passed away, but not without leaving a daughter: Jessica. Perhaps that's why he dotes on her so much.

Mel's name was always given as 'Mel de Alkirk' in both the US and Japanese versions, despite his daughter's name being simply 'Jessica Alkirk'. Also, the US version incorrectly says that Mel founded Meribia (this was a mistranslation of one word; the Japanese version says only that he governs it).


Lemia Ausa

Lemia Ausa is the Guildmistress of the Magic Guild of Vane. The Ausa family has always been at the head of the Magic Guild, which has maintained the balance of magic in Lunar for a millenium. She was also one of the Four Heroes who journeyed alongside Dyne. Naturally as the leader of the Guild, she is one of the most powerful magic-users in the world.

Lemia's name in the Japanese version was transliterated as 'Remilia'. The story of how she met Dyne and Ghaleon for the first time is also in the Vane Airship Story manga, although nothing in the game itself talks about this.


Voice: John Truitt (US), Rokurou Naya (JP)

Great Sage Ghaleon is the current Premier of the city of Vane. He was one of the Four Heroes to journey with Dyne, and also Dyne's closest friend. While once friendly, he's never been the same ever since the day when the two of them stopped the Black Dragon and only one of them returned. He is very guarded about his past, but something about him makes it clear that he's unlike anyone else in the city. Perhaps that is why he's often regarded as the most powerful magic-user in the world, perhaps even greater than Lemia Ausa.

Ghaleon's past is revealed a bit in the Vane Airship Story manga. Part of that highlights how he's part of the same race as the Vile Tribe, evidenced by the shape of his ears and the ease with which he uses magic (even without any incantations).

Voice: Hal Delahousse (US), Rei Sakuma (JP)

Quark is the White Dragon, the same White Dragon that Alex, Ramus, Luna, and Nall first journey to see (or at least, to get his diamond). But it was with the diamond that he gives to Ramus, and the trial (and ring) that he gives to Alex, that their true adventures began.

In the US version, Quark introduces himself as 'tetrarch' of the dragon tribe (i.e., one of the four 'rulers' in the tribe), although there's no equivalent for this in the Japanese version. Also, Quark's name in the original Japanese version was transliterated as 'Fidy'.


Myght Farn

Myght is the most brilliant inventor in all of Lunar. But for some reason, he spends his way holed up inside of his tower at the corner of the Stadius Zone, away from everyone except his Lytonian assistants. Nevertheless, he still refuses to let his inventions be used for evil.

In the US version, Myght's reason for hiding away was on account of his body odor; in the Japanese version, he's simply a hermit. Also, his surname (Farn) was never given in any version of the game, only in the Lunar I+II artbook and a few other scattered sources. Lastly, his name in the Japanese version was originally transliterated as 'Maight', also the same pronunciation.



Xenobia is the leader of the Vile Tribe, who was banished to the inhospitable Frontier nearly 500 years ago by the Goddess Althena after they attempted to conquer the world. An unusually powerful witch, she single-mindedly pursues the restoration of her tribe and its freedom from the Frontier.

While the game never explains what Xenobia's markings are, the Lunar I+II Artbook refers to them as tattoos, and other sources (e.g., Magical School Lunar and the Vane Airship Story manga) draw a connection between such markings and magical abilities.


Taben is another brilliant inventor, like Myght. But unlike Myght, Taben uses his skills and tools for evil, helping those who seek to conquer or enslave the world. He hides away in Ruid, at the edge of the Frontier, building machines whose only purpose is to destroy.

The original Japanese version transliterates his name as 'Batanen'.


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