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Eternal Blue - Music

The music from EB came on several different formats. For the Japanese version, the game CD only had one full song as a playable track: "Rondo of Light and Shadow". However, it came with a bonus mini-CD (the "Premium CD") that had three extra voice tracks with Lemina and Lucia, and two full songs: "Money Is the Best" (which wasn't even in the game itself) and "Eternal Blue ~Eternal Thoughts~". For the US version, the game CD had both full songs as playable tracks: "Eternal Blue" and "Lucia's Theme".

Neither the US or Japanese versions included all the music as playable tracks on the game CDs (unlike TSS), although it is possible to extract all of the audio using a program that can convert the .PCM file format to a .WAV file (which we have here). The audio quality is not as good due to the compression needed to fit it all on the game CDs (this is true in both the US and Japanese versions). All of these tracks were remastered for the remakes on the Saturn and Playstation.

LunarNET's music section for the Sega CD version of Eternal Blue contains a lot of different material. We have utilities that will let you pull music directly from the US and Japanese game CDs, audio from the US game CD and PCM files, audio from the Japanese game CD, and audio from the Premium CD. However, you should check out the soundtracks section for more higher-quality stuff.

Most of the music tracks were put together by Two-Five, which includes Isao Mizoguchi and Noriyuki Iwadare. The vocals were by Chisa Yokoyama (Megumi Hayashibara did the one on the premium CD not included with the game) in the Japanese version, and Jennifer Stigile in the US version.

PCM-WAV Extraction Utility

The PCM2WAV program here can convert the PCM files on a Sega CD game (including the US and Japanese versions of EB) into WAV files; from there, you can convert them into any other file format you wish (we have them provided as MP3 files further below). The PCMINDEX text file is an index of all of the audio tracks in the US version of EB, by filename.

Download   The PCM2WAV utility was originally developed by Hans-Jörg Stangor (back in 1996). This is a Windows utility (works in XP and earlier, but not in 7 or Vista). To use it, run the enclosed PCM2WAV.exe program, select a .PCM file from the Lunar 2 CD, and convert it at 16 khz. The text file in the same zip file here contains further instructions.
US Tracklist
JP Tracklist
  LunarNET has put together these two track lists for PCM files: one for the US version, one for the Japanese version (they're the same except for two tracks that are in the US version but not in the Japanese version). These include the track/file number, title, category (music, voice, sound effects, or cutscene), and a description of where the track was played if it is a music track. (This was originally based on the PCM file index put together by Hahn, which is still available here.

US Version - CD Audio

(1) Data Track
(2) Eternal Blue [MP3]
(3) Lucia's Theme [MP3]

US Version - PCM Files

(000) Adventure Road (Eastern Overworld) [MP3]
(001) Promenade (Hiro's Home) [MP3]
(003) Field to Tomorrow (Western Overworld) [MP3]
(004) White Mask Funk (Mystere's Theme) [MP3]
(005) Brave Warriors (Normal Battle) [MP3]
(006) Boss Battle (Boss Battle) [MP3]
(007) Hiro's Fight (Althena's Heroes Battle) [MP3]
(008) Lucia vs. Zophar (Zophar Form 1 Battle) [MP3]
(009) Zophar Battle (Zophar Form 1 Battle) [MP3-US MP3-JP]
(010) Omni-Zophar Battle (Zophar Form 3 Battle) [MP3-US MP3-JP]
(018) Master Zophar Battle (Zophar Form 2 Battle) [MP3]
(024) Sneaking Aboard (Sneaking on the Destiny, Serak Palace) [MP3]
(026) Forest of Illusion (Forest of Illusion) [MP3]
(027) Growing Fear (Meribian Sewers, Beneath Neo-Vane) [MP3]
(028) Dragon Caves (Dragon Caves, Lionshead) [MP3]
(029) Zophar's Keep (Zophar's Keep) [MP3]
(032) Larpa (Larpa, Nota) [MP3]
(033) Crowded Street Corner (Takkar, Meribia) [MP3]
(034) Horam (Horam) [MP3]
(035) Carnival (Carnival) [MP3]
(036) Pentagulia (Pentagulia) [MP3]
(037) Dalton (Dalton, Azado) [MP3]
(038) Somber Memories (Ronfar's Flashbacks) [MP3]
(040) Title Screen (Title Screen) [MP3]
(041) Game Menu (Game Menu) [MP3]
(042) Dragonship Destiny (Dragonship Destiny Overworld) [MP3]
(043) Goodbye to Friends (Vane Farewells) [MP3]
(044) Dragon's Lair (Dragon Cave Lairs) [MP3]
(045) Blowing Wind (Bandit's Butte Interior) [MP3]
(046) Taben's Peak (Taben's Peak) [MP3]
(047) Adventure Road Midway (Eastern Overworld (midway point)) [MP3]
(048) Promenade Midway (Hiro's Home (midway point)) [MP3]
(049) Field to Tomorrow Midway (Western Overworld (midway point)) [MP3]
(050) Magic Tester (Magic Tester, Fleeing from Ruins) [MP3]
(051) Indoor Wind (Zulan Mountaintop) [MP3]
(052) Cave of Trial (Cave of Trial) [MP3]
(053) Mystic Ruins (Mystic Ruins, Blue Spire Interior) [MP3]
(054) Wine, Women, and Song (Ronfar's Theme, Tavern Theme) [MP3]
(055) Gypsy Heart (Jean's Theme) [MP3]
(056) Giggle Den (Giggle Den) [MP3]
(057) Star Dragon's Theme (Star Dragon Tower) [MP3-US]
(061) Justice (Leo's Theme) [MP3]
(070) Gwyn's Boat (Riding Gwyn's Boat) [MP3]
(072) Heart-Shaped Tears (Lucia Rescues the Party at Zulan) [MP3]
(092) Ghaleon's Introduction (Ghaleon's Introduction) [MP3]
(093) Pentagulia Althena's Theme (Pentagulia Althena's Theme) [MP3]
(095) Trouble (Confronting Leo, Confronting Mauri) [MP3]
(108) Neo-Vane Falling (Neo-Vane Fall after Borgan's Defeat) [MP3]
(109) Heart-Shaped Tears (Lucia Rescues the Party at Zulan) [MP3]
(115) Zophar's Arrival Short (Zophar's Arrival (brief form)) [MP3]
(124) Vane after Disaster (Vane after Zophar's Arrival) [MP3]
(144) Vane after Victory (Vane after Zophar's defeat) [MP3]
(146) Lucia's Theme (Lucia's Theme (in-game version)) [MP3-US MP3-JP]
(151) Zen Zone (Zen Zone) [MP3]
(152) Holding On (Lemina's Theme) [MP3]
(154) Plantella Kidnapping (Plantella Kidnaps Caravan) [MP3]
(155) Golden Voice (Althena's Song) [MP3]
(156) Zophar's Arrival (Zophar's Arrival) [MP3]
(160) Repelled from the Goddess Tower (Goddess Tower) [MP3]
(165) Ghaleon's Theme (Ghaleon's Theme) [MP3]
(201) Eternal Blue Instrumental (Opening Credits) [MP3]
(264) Outtakes [MP3-US]

Japanese Version - Game CD

(1) Data Track
(2) Rondo of Light and Shadow [MP3]
(3) Hiro and Ruby's warning about the data track
(4) Game Arts

Japanese Version - Premium CD

(1) Lemina and Lucia 1 (Voice) [MP3]
(2) Money Is the Best [MP3]
(3) Lemina and Lucia 2 (Voice) [MP3]
(4) Eternal Blue ~Eternal Thoughts~ [MP3]
(5) Lemina and Lucia 3 (Voice) [MP3]

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