Track Name Type Description
000 Adventure Road Music Eastern Overworld
001 Promenade Music Hiro's Home
002 Silence Other
003 Field to Tomorrow Music Western Overworld
004 White Mask Funk Music Mystere's Theme
005 Brave Warriors Music Normal Battle
006 Boss Battle Music Boss Battle
007 Hiro's Fight Music Althena's Heroes Battle
008 Lucia vs. Zophar Music Zophar Form 1 Battle
009 Zophar Battle Music and Voice Zophar Form 1 Battle
010 Omni-Zophar Battle Music and Voice Zophar Form 3 Battle
011 Zophar Form 2 with Lucia's Speech 1 Music and Voice Zophar Form 2 Battle
012 Zophar Form 2 with Lucia's Speech 2 Music and Voice Zophar Form 2 Battle
013 Zophar Form 2 with Lucia's Speech 3 Music and Voice Zophar Form 2 Battle
014 Zophar Form 2 with Lucia's Speech 4 Music and Voice Zophar Form 2 Battle
015 Zophar Form 2 with Lucia's Speech 5 Music and Voice Zophar Form 2 Battle
016 Zophar Form 2 with Lucia's Speech 6 Music and Voice Zophar Form 2 Battle
017 Zophar Form 2 with Lucia's Speech 7 Music and Voice Zophar Form 2 Battle
018 Master Zophar Battle Music Zophar Form 2 Battle
024 Sneaking Aboard Music Sneaking on the Destiny, Serak Palace
025 Beneath Pentagulia Music Beneath Pentagulia (partial rip)
026 Forest of Illusion Music Forest of Illusion
027 Growing Fear Music Meribian Sewers, Beneath Neo-Vane
028 Dragon Caves Music Dragon Caves, Lionshead
029 Zophar's Keep Music Zophar's Keep
030 Blue Spire Transmission Room SFX
031 Star Dragon Tower Transmission Room SFX
032 Larpa Music Larpa, Nota
033 Crowded Street Corner Music Takkar, Meribia
034 Horam Music Horam
035 Carnival Music Carnival
036 Pentagulia Music Pentagulia
037 Dalton Music Dalton, Azado
038 Somber Memories Music Ronfar's Flashbacks
039 Sunken Tower Music Sunken Tower, Dragon's Next (partial rip)
040 Title Screen Music Title Screen
041 Game Menu Music Game Menu
042 Dragonship Destiny Music Dragonship Destiny Overworld
043 Goodbye to Friends Music Vane Farewells
044 Dragon's Lair Music Dragon Cave Lairs
045 Blowing Wind Music Bandit's Butte Interior
046 Taben's Peak Music Taben's Peak
047 Adventure Road Midway Music Eastern Overworld (midway point)
048 Promenade Midway Music Hiro's Home (midway point)
049 Field to Tomorrow Midway Music Western Overworld (midway point)
050 Magic Tester Music Magic Tester, Fleeing from Ruins
051 Indoor Wind Music Zulan Mountaintop
052 Cave of Trial Music Cave of Trial
053 Mystic Ruins Music Mystic Ruins, Blue Spire Interior
054 Wine, Women, and Song Music Ronfar's Theme, Tavern Theme
055 Gypsy Heart Music Jean's Theme
056 Giggle Den Music Giggle Den
057 Star Dragon's Theme Music Star Dragon Tower
060 Hiro's introduction Voice
061 Justice Music Leo's Theme
062 First sight of the Destiny Voice
063 The Destiny leaves for the Blue Spire Voice
064 Something appears at the Blue Spire SFX
065 Teleport to the Blue Spire Transmission Room Voice
066 Ruby sees the Transmission Crystal Voice
067 Ruby snaps Hiro out of it Voice
068 Lucia begins to glow Voice
069 Zophar strips away Lucia's power Voice
070 Gwyn's Boat Music Riding Gwyn's Boat
071 Ronfar's introduction Voice
072 Heart-Shaped Tears Music Lucia Rescues the Party at Zulan
073 Flashback of Mauri and the plague Voice
074 Lucia singing on the Destiny Voice
075 Leo confronts Lucia Voice
076 Plantella's roar SFX
077 Silence Other
078 Lemina is angry at Magic Tester's destruction Voice
079 Lemina congratulates the group Voice
080 Magic Arrow launches SFX
081 Magic Arrow in flight Voice
082 Resonating chamber SFX
083 Ghaleon appears Voice
084 Ghaleon's introduction Voice
085 Avalanche SFX
086 First sight of Nall Voice
087 Silence Other
088 Jean confronts Masked Man Voice
089 Lemina tells Borgan to leave Voice
090 Silence Other
091 Ruby concerned about Lucia on the Destiny Voice
092 Ghaleon's Introduction Music Ghaleon's Introduction
093 Pentagulia Althena's Theme Music Pentagulia Althena's Theme
094 Lucia confronts False Althena Voice
095 Trouble Music Confronting Leo, Confronting Mauri, Escaping False Althena
096 Lucia argues with False Althena Voice
097 Ghaleon and Lucia in Pentagulia Voice
098 Zophar keeps Ghaleon in line Voice
099 Nall getting ready for transformation Voice
100 Nall transforming into White Dragon Voice
101 Silence Other
102 Jean confronts Lunn Voice
103 Freeing the Blue Dragon SFX
104 Neo-Vane floating SFX
105 Neo-Vane paralyzes the Destiny SFX
106 Ronfar and Jean are dropped Voice
107 Lemina confronts Borgan in Neo-Vane Voice
108 Neo-Vane Falling Music and SFX Neo-Vane Fall after Borgan's Defeat
109 Heart-Shaped Tears Music Lucia Rescues the Party at Zulan
110 Freeing the Black Dragon SFX
111 Mauri's judgment Voice
112 Ruby's transformation Voice
113 Ghaleon blocks entry into Pentagulia Voice
115 Zophar's Arrival Short Music Zophar's Arrival (brief form)
116 Lucia summons the dragons Voice
117 False Althena panics Voice
118 Nall and Lucia at the top of the Goddess Tower Voice
119 Lucia reacts to Luna's recording Voice
120 Lucia feels abandoned Voice
121 Rumbling SFX
122 Oceans disappear Voice
124 Vane after Disaster Music Vane after Zophar's Arrival
125 Pentagulia docks SFX
126 Warning alarm SFX
127 Leo joins the party in Vane Voice
128 Ghaleon confronts party in Vane Voice
129 Ghaleon defeats party in Vane Voice
130 Hiro and party recover Voice
131 Ghaleon's death scream Voice
132 Ghaleon's redemption Voice
133 Silence Other
134 The Destiny leaves for Zophar's Domain Voice
135 Silence Other
136 Lucia's prison SFX
137 Silence Other
138 Finding Lucia outside Zophar's Domain Voice
139 Zophar comes back Voice
140 Party recovers from Zophar's attack Voice
141 Omni-Zophar is defeated Voice
142 Zophar's final death Voice
143 Hiro and Lucia defeat Zophar Voice
144 Vane after Victory Music Vane after Zophar's defeat
145 Hiro and Lucia leave Vane Voice
146 Lucia's Theme Music Lucia's Theme (in-game version)
147 Lucia's farewell Voice
148 Hiro picks up Lucia's pendant Voice
149 Hiro is determined to find Lucia Voice
150 Silence Other
151 Zen Zone Music Zen Zone
152 Holding On Music Lemina's Theme
153 Destiny idling SFX
154 Plantella Kidnapping Music and SFX Plantella Kidnaps Caravan
155 Golden Voice Music Althena's Song
156 Zophar's Arrival Music Zophar's Arrival
157 Ghaleon explains his plot to Lucia Voice
158 Azado priest summons monster SFX
159 Ronfar accidentally summons monster SFX
160 Repelled from the Goddess Tower Music Goddess Tower Beneath Pentagulia
161 Silence Other
162 Explosion SFX
163 Destiny brig SFX
164 Ocean Waves SFX
165 Ghaleon's Theme Music Ghaleon's Theme
166 Lucia seizes Althena's power Voice
167 Pentagulia crumbling SFX
168 Ronfar's farewell Voice
169 Lemina's farewell Voice
170 Jean's farewell Voice
171 Leo's farewell Voice
172 Ruby's farewell Voice
173 Lucia leaves Voice
174 Hiro chips away at Dragon's Eye SFX
175 Transmission crystal activates SFX
200 Blue Star intro Cutscene
201 Eternal Blue Instrumental Music and Cutscene Opening Credits
202 Lucia realizes her mission Cutscene
203 Lunar intro Cutscene
204 Leo's introduction Cutscene
205 Lucia appears Cutscene
206 Crystal glowing Cutscene
207 Lucia sees the sky of Lunar Cutscene
208 Lucia is sick Cutscene
209 Seeing Larpa Cutscene
210 Ronfar's challenge Cutscene
211 Lucia leaves for Pentagulia Cutscene
212 Jean's dance Cutscene
213 Lemina's introduction Cutscene
214 Trying on disguises Cutscene
215 Punching out perverts Cutscene
216 Lucia's new threads Cutscene
217 Holographic recording Cutscene
218 Ghaleon appears Cutscene
219 Lunn's introduction Cutscene
220 Seeing Taben's peak Cutscene
221 Nall's introduction Cutscene
222 Lucia in the spring Cutscene
223 Borgan's introduction Cutscene
224 Lemina crying Cutscene
225 Mauri's introduction Cutscene
226 Lucia on the Destiny Cutscene
227 Approaching Pentagulia 1 Cutscene
228 Ghaleon's welcome to Pentagulia Cutscene
229 Althena's introduction Cutscene
230 Ghaleon shooting down Lucia's hopes Cutscene
231 Fighting Leo Cutscene
232 White Dragon Cutscene
233 Jean's destiny Cutscene
234 Lunn at the tournament Cutscene
235 Blue Dragon Cutscene
236 Neo-Vane Cutscene
237 Challenging Borgan Cutscene
238 Black Dragon Cutscene
239 Mauri in Serak Palace Cutscene
240 Red Dragon Cutscene
241 Approaching Pentagulia 2 Cutscene
242 Pentagulia sky darkening Cutscene
243 Dragons destroying Pentagulia Cutscene
244 Luna's introduction Cutscene
245 Luna's story 1 Cutscene
246 Zophar descending Cutscene
247 Zophar wreaking havoc Cutscene
248 Lucia confronts Zophar Cutscene
249 Zophar gloats at the top of his tower Cutscene
250 Ghaleon taunting Hiro Cutscene
251 Ghaleon's atonement Cutscene
252 Friends' confidence Cutscene
253 Ghaleon's farewell Cutscene
254 Lucia imprisoned Cutscene
255 Zophar's welcome Cutscene
256 Hiro and Lucia Cutscene
257 Lucia's farewell Cutscene
258 Ruby helps Hiro Cutscene
260 Hiro finds Lucia Cutscene
261 Luna's story 2 Cutscene
263 Lucia uses Althena's light Cutscene
264 Outtakes Other