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Welcome to the LunarNET links page. All links are listed in alphabetical order. If you own a LUNAR website and want it linked, please contact us. Companies and individuals involved in LUNAR's creation are listed first, followed by LUNAR fansites.

If you want to link LunarNET, feel free to use one of the following link buttons. Thanks go to Chronologist for these lovely link buttons!

Companies Involved in the Development of Lunar:

  • ESP - Entertainment Software Publishing. Publishing group created by numerous developers in Japan. (including GameArts, Treasure, etc.)
  • GameArts - Creator of the LUNAR series.
  • Gekko - Scenario design for LUNAR. This is Kei Shigema's company.
  • Gonzo - Gonzo created the anime you see in Silver Star Story and Eternal Blue remake.
  • Himawari Lamp - Akari Funato's homepage. Akari Funato is responsible for the Vheen manga, and quite a bit more.
  • JAM - Japan Art Media.
  • Kadokawa Shoten - Helped with the development/publication of some LUNAR games.
  • Marvelous Interactive - Published Lunar Genesis in Japan.
  • TwoFive - Noriyuki Iwadare's music company.
  • UbiSoft - Published Lunar Legend in North America.

More Links:

  • Fallen Hero, Ghaleon's Fanlisting - If you couldn't tell, this site is dedicated to the one and only, Ghaleon.
  • The Flying Cat Homepage - This site has been around for a long time. It's dedicated to LUNAR's lovable dragons, and is run by Blake. It contains some wonderful dragon artwork.
  • Fortress Warlords - This website is dedicated to building a game based on the mini-game "Lords of Lunar" in Lunar: Silver Star Story.
  • JunkerHQ - It's geared more for Kojima works such as the awesome Snatcher and Policenauts, but it also has some good LUNAR stuff, including text dumps of the original games!
  • Lunar Clandestine Legacy - Home to Renn Inoue's wonderful creation, and quite simply the mother of all LUNAR fanfics.
  • Lunar Legend Guide - Kizyr's Lunar Legend guide. While it was created for the import, it should still work just as well for the domestic release.
  • Lunar Goods Archive - Great place for LUNAR merchandise related stuff. Actually has a few things we don't have listed currently at LunarNET. Definately worth checking out.
  • Lunar Walking School Guide - Kizyr's Lunar Walking School guide. Should be of great use to those trying to get through the Game Gear LUNAR title.
  • Rebecca Capowski's RPG-related Junk Drawer - Very cool site with a number of important LUNAR things translated, especially the Vheen manga. Not to mention, she has a lot of other non-LUNAR based translations that are certainly worth checking out.
  • Shrine to Ghaleon - Run by Rune Lai. This is by far the longest running LUNAR website that is still active. A lot of LUNAR fandom history comes from here, and it should be at the top of any LUNAR fans favorites list. Not to mention, it's dedicated to the greatest character of all time, Ghaleon! The site is home to the largest LUNAR fanfic archive in the world, along with the most extensive LUNAR links list available. It also houses a wonderful message board, lots of pictures of Ghaleon, sound clips, etc.
  • Wolfgang's LUNAR: Eternal Blue Mega CD page - This is an extensive LUNAR Eternal Blue walkthrough for the Mega CD version of the game. Includes tons of wonderful exclusive media.
  • Wolfgang's LUNAR: Silver Star Story page - Another extensive LUNAR walkthrough by Wolfgang. This one is for Silver Star Story. Includes tons of wonderful exclusive media.
  • Wolfgang's LUNAR: Eternal Blue Complete page - Much like the last two, this is an extensive LUNAR walkthrough for Eternal Blue Complete. Includes tons of wonderful exclusive media.

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