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Magical School Lunar - Characters

Here are some of the main characters in Magical School LUNAR. Because there is no official US version of the names, the names below do involve some transliteration on our part.

Ellie / エリー (a.k.a. Elie)
Voice: Michiko Neya

The quiet leader of the group. She grew up in the village of Burg with Lena, until she was recruited by Glen for the Magic School of Ien at about the age of 13. Ellie has always had the natural ability to fly, among other natural magic talents. She's much quieter than her best friend Lena, but, she's always friendly. Occasionally, she is a bit unobservant of other people--particularly those who have taken a liking to her--and she sometimes lacks... inhibition.

Lena / レナ (a.k.a. Rena)
Voice: Hiroko Konishi

The more forthright leader of the group. She grew up with Ellie in Burg, until being recruited for the Magic School of Ien by Glen at about the age of 13. Lena's specialty is healing magic, and she'll always heal someone in need--after a little bit of prodding, at least. She's very straightforward and will speak her mind, and the one characteristic she hates more than anything is passiveness and a lack of resolve. Unfortunately, she's also rather short... which brings no end of comments from others. She also has a very hearty appetite, contrary to her short stature.

Senia / セニア
Voice: Yuri Shiratori

Senia is a very brash, tomboyish beastwoman who entered the magic school at about the age of 14. She comes from the village of her tribe, and met Ellie and Lena her first day of school. Senia is great with lightning magic, although she occasionally goes overboard. When she's with Ellie and Lena, trouble seems to follow.

Blade / ブレード
Voice: Isshin Chiba

Blade trains under Iason-sensei, training to become a Real Man! He reluctantly joins with the girls when he finally realizes that Real Men don't mind asking for help. Blade's specialty is with attack-magic combinations, and water/ice magic. He also seems to be very protective of Ellie in particular...

Blade is a new playable character for MSL and wasn't in the Game Gear version.

Wing / ウィン (a.k.a. Win or Wyn)
Voice: Hiro Yuuki

Wing is a new student with immense magic ability, hailing from Caldor Island. He makes a pretty lousy first impression... on both the other students and the town as a whole. In any case, Wing's specialty runs across the board: healing, ice, and fire magic. From the beginning, he's taken a liking to Lena. Unfortunately, his passiveness and humility are a huge turn-off for Lena. Perhaps he'll get over it one day...

Azu / アズ
Voice: Tetsuya Iwanaga

Azu is Senia's childhood friend. They grew up in the same village together. Azu doesn't actually use magic. He has a few strength-based techniques, and some combined techniques with Senia. Azu and Senia make an awesome team.

Azu is a new playable character for MSL. He was in the Game Gear version as a non-playable character for part of one chapter, but never as a playable one.

Ant / アンチ
Voice: Satomi Kohrogi

Ant is a brash young boy the girls meet on the first day. He constantly brags about his own abilities, despite consistently losing ground to Ellie and the girls.

Rick / リック
Voice: Konami Yoshida

Rick is one of Ant's friends, the youngest of the group. He looks up to Ant like an older brother, and tries to emulate and encourage him.

Kule / クール
Voice: Miki Narahashi

Kule is one of Ant's other friends. He also looks up to Ant, but is a bit more independent when compared to Rick.

Brown / ブラウン
Voice: Kenji Nojima

Brown is the Student Body President. He greets all the students on the first day of class--or at least he tries to. As the Student President, he also sits in on all major faculty meetings. Brown also has taken a liking for Ellie. Although he's usually a bit too reserved to ask her out directly.

Eleonora / エルノラ

Eleonora is the Student Body Vice President. She's usually working with Brown, and also sits in on major faculty meetings. Eleonora is also a great cook, and makes the food for all student body meetings--meetings which Lena always seems to miss.

Layla / レイラ

Layla is one of the more senior students of the school, living in the Dormitory. She comes across as very haughty and condescending. She also takes it upon herself to re-educate Senia on how to be a proper woman.

Glen / グレン
Voice: Mahito Tsujimura

Glen is the scout for the Magic School of Ien, and the seniormost figure. He serves as a source of guidance for the students, teachers, and even the Dean. He is the one who recruited both Ellie and Lena into the school, and he tutors Wing directly once he arrives. He has even greater power than he lets on, it seems...

Steel / スティル
Voice: Yasunori Masuya

Steel is the Dean of the Magic School of Ien. He welcomes students to the school, and he also manages the day-to-day affairs of Ien. This includes taking measures to make sure the school and its students are safe--which is no easy task. As a result, he cares about the welfare of the students greatly, even if it sometimes seems that he's in over his head.

Emma / エマ
Voice: Shiho Niiyama

Emma is the counselor of Ien. She's very warm and caring, but still offers stern and valuable advice to the students. She always cautions the girls against getting into trouble--even though she has a feeling they'll be getting into trouble anyhow. Most of the boys at the school have a little crush on her, as well.

Iason / イアソン

Iason teaches sword magic--techniques combining weaponry and magic. He trains boys in his dojo to become Real Men (capitalization necessary); this includes Blade, his foremost student. Although he comes off as rather chauvanistic--and doesn't allow Ellie, Lena, and Senia to join his class at first--he eventually acknowledges the girls' strength. He also seems to have quite an affection for Prof Terena, and goes silent whenever someone (usually Lena) mentions her name.

Dadis / ダディス
Voice: Mahito Tsujimura

Dadis teaches cosmetic magic--magic that involves applying pigments and makeup to oneself, to enhance natural magic abilities. Ellie, Lena, and Senia eventually join his class as students. Unfortunately, Dadis is the most scatterbrained person on Ien, and frequently forgets who his students are, where he placed his supplies, or what in the world happened to his classroom.

Terena / テレイナ

Terena teaches the magic of song. She's very popular with many of the female students. Unfortunately, she's very harsh and straightforward, particularly regarding others' singing abilities. In particular, she seems to have no problem criticizing Lena for her awful singing voice; although Ellie and Senia are passable.

Brune / ブルーン

Brune teaches herbology. He's younger compared to the other professors--only 23 or 24--and appears to be more carefree... or careless, considering how often his experiments tend to end in a bang. He's also not much of a fighter, and prefers to devote his time towards finding ways to heal rather than harm.

Kent / ケント

Kent is an inventor, and also teaches a bit of item-based magic. He's always on the lookout for new ways to try out his latest inventions--most of which involve Lena as the test subject. He's pretty enthusiastic about his inventions, even when they don't quite work out as he planned. He also has (or had?) a bit of a rivalry with Profs Hyde and Richter.

Professor Kent's name in the Game Gear version was "Alba". He also ran the item shop, though since items are not used in the Saturn version, he has a different role here.

Ralph / ラルフ

Ralph is the librarian of the school. He's usually reading, and doesn't take all that much notice of what's going on around him. He's also rather blunt, particularly when speaking with Lena, and so he's often the target of a few jokes in return from the girls--again, mostly from Lena. He doesn't generally take on new students, but he does have a few.

Richter / リヒター

Richter was the professor of construction magic. It's said that he helped to create all the buildings in Ien. But, some time before the girls arrived at the school, he mysteriously disappeared. Since then, no one has really known what's happened--or no one claims to know. He also had a rivalry going with Profs Kent and Hyde.

Hyde / ハイド

Hyde is an expert on astronomical magic. He's a recluse who spends all of his time in the observation room of the Stargazing Tower, east of the town of Ien. He's very protective and focused, almost to the point of obsession, on his own work. Unfortunately, that also means he's willing to take a few risks... Hyde also has a rivalry going with Profs Kent and Richter.

Stella / ステラ

Stella is the dorm cook and mother, and takes care of the students living in the Dormitory. She's a very warm and caring person, much like Emma. She tries to protect the welfare of the students as well, and does what she can to keep them out of trouble.

Shiela / シーラ

Shiela is a merfolk, from the town of Meria. She's always had an interest in how humans live. The girls meet her when they come to visit the town, and they all become fast friends.

Shiela was not in the Game Gear version at all. In fact, the entire subplot in her hometown of Meria is only in the Saturn version.

Memphis / メンフィス
Voice: Kaneto Shiozawa

Memphis is part of the Vile Tribe. He revives the Dark Castle D at the start of the game, and is a constant threat to the Magic School of Ien. He's immensely powerful, but will stop at nothing to gain even more power--even if it means taking over Ien.

Barua / バルア
Voice: Yuri Amano

Barua is also part of the Vile Tribe, and works with Memphis. She is also immensely powerful, and while not as strong as Memphis, she's less reserved about displaying her power. She particularly takes a liking to mind control, young boys, and controlling young boys' minds.

D / ディー

Not much is known about D. He appears to be the true "face" behind the Dark Castle, and constantly requires more power. Memphis is the one who first awakens him, and he answers only to him.

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