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Welcome to the history section of LunarNET. The history is narrarrated by GhaleonOne. Another version of the history of the site, written by one of the first editors of LunarNET, Rudo, can be found at RPGFan by clicking here. It's history includes LunarNET's earlier times, and then branches off to RPGFan, as Rudo is Editor in Chief of RPGFan.

In 1997, around June or so, I took up web design. Quite honestly, at the time, I sucked at it. I created a small website called Dragons of Destiny. This website was basically a small Lunar club run on an America Online message board. We decided to take up a website, and thus DoD's website was born.

Many of its members are still around today on the forums here at LunarNET. I had modeled this club after the famous Althena's Court Online, which at the time had become a dead place. Finally, after a few months, Dragons of Destiny merged with another Lunar club, Dragons of Lunar (seeing a pattern here? :P), and eventually merged into a newly born Althena's Court Online, which I ran up until summer of 1998 when I handed the club over to NallWdrgn. During all of this, I was also a frequent visitor of the ever-famous Lunar Threads forum, run on Dave Z's Sega-Saturn.com. You're probably thinking, what does this have to do with LunarNET? I'm getting to that.

Around the time of Dragons of Destiny's death as a club, I started up a new website, Video Game World. I believe the original version of that site may still be hidden on GeoCities servers somewhere. But anyways, after a few months and having lost my hoster at Talon Web, VGW closed up. Around October of 1997, I started getting this idea into my head. Why not try and create one of those big huge media sites like SaturnWorld, IGN, GameSpot, etc, only focusing completely on Lunar. Great idea, I thought!

I bragged about this new "Lunar site" for months on the Lunar Threads and over at ACO. I think most people started just saying "yeah awesome!" just to get me to shut up about it. :P But I started desiging the website in November and was having a hard time coming up with a good name. I can't remember who told me to go with LunarNET, but it sounded good becase of the Lunar theme.

On Christmas Eve of 1997, I put LunarNET up for the first time at the address: lunarnet.simplenet.com. I had the site and even a few sections up and running. The original version can still be found here. After working for a few weeks on the site, I started building up a small staff.

Apparently around this time is when people started to take notice of LunarNET. At the time, many gamers were pretty mad at Sega for not releasing some pretty select games (Phantasy Star Collection, Grandia, etc) on the dying Sega Saturn machine. Grandia was the one I was irked about. Apparently someone else was none too happy either. I got an EMail from Lunar Threads regular, Webber, who suggested we start a petition for the release of Grandia by Sega. Gee, we thought, what better place to host it than LunarNET? So thus began the first major project of LunarNET.

A few days after Webber joined the staff and the Grandia petition got started, another Lunar Threads old-timer contacted me with something Grandia-related. Rudo had been collecting a HUGE Grandia media archive on his harddrive over the past few months, and wanted to house them in what would be one of the biggest pictures archives LunarNET would have for some time. LunarNET was fast becoming GrandiaNET for a while there. :P Rudo, like Webber, went on to join the LunarNET staff.

Thus we started working on something that would eventually get pretty dang big. Rudo, like Webber, also came up with a pretty nice invention to bring in more visitors: A gaming network! At this time, a sister site of LunarNET was forming by the name of GameNET, run by other members of the Lunar Threads and headed up by Lunar Threads old-timer, SegaBoy, who last I heard, was writing guides for Nintendo of America, including a Zelda: Minish Cap guide! Other websites joined up with us to try and start a network, but unfortunately, the network ended up failing, and LunarNET and GameNET just continued on as sister sites. Unfortunately, the Grandia petition also "failed", though we still saw the game on the Playstation via Sony, albiet with horrid voice acting.

Even though those two major projects failed, LunarNET itself gained quite a bit of traffic out of it, and was growing at a rapid pace due to great reviews and from Webber's work at getting hot news up fast.

At that time, we picked up a few new editors in Commodore Wheeler, E-Chan, and Esque. Webber pushed on with news story after news story, and Rudo and I worked on the backend making sure all the Coming Soon pages came sooner rather than later. E3 '98 was a blur, and while I didn't get to go, Rudo and Webber brought the house down with great interviews, tons of movies, and pics of the newest games. Many things happened in those first few months: we scored some exclusive FFVIII pics and got linked by many sites such as GameSpot, IGN, Next Generation, and GameFan, which was pretty unheard of for a "small little fansite". Around the time of E3, we also redesigned the site.

That summer we picked up new editors, most notably one of my old time ACO buddies, Sensei Phoenix, who went on to head the reviews section for years. Also around this time, our Simplenet server was suspended twice, due to having MP3s, which apparently was a big no-no to them at the time, and which also brought forth one of Rudo's finest rants ever!

Quite a few other things happened over the course of LunarNET's history. ECM of GameFan sourced editor E-chan's wonderful Grandia translation in the magazines Grandia review. We also had our URL mentioned in a EGM magazine for being a "Cool Site of the Month", the scan is still viewable.

We also finally lost our Simplenet server due to someone who hacked into the LunarNET server and decided to run a warez server on a directory I never checked. That was all fine and dandy because we moved to www.lunar-net.com a few months before and were just using that server for hosting movies. We always wondered why that server became so slow for it's last few months... :P That was the first time LunarNET was hacked and it wasn't the last. In late spring of '99, Rudo and I decided the name LunarNET might have been the reason our traffic hadn't been increasing as much. Eventually someone came up with the name RPGFan. And thus today it stands with Rudo still in charge!

I eventually lost interest in games, and I'm still not really sure why, but eventually quit in February or so of 2000, and stopped running any sort of website for a while. Around that time I had also been working on a new wesite for a gaming magazine known as Silicon Magazine, and while it was cool getting free games for my efforts, it just wasn't that fun anymore. Gaming was just getting old, and I was becoming tired of the entire fansite ordeal.

Because of how burnt out I had become (among other things), I ended up quitting Silicon Magazine. It was nice to just be a casual gamer, and to be able to check out all my favorite message board spots without having the hassle of running a website anymore. However, that would soon change yet again...

A few months later, I recieved a notice in the mail saying that unless I renewed it, I would be loosing lunar-net.com domain ownership. I renewed it, just to keep the domain name ownership, but then started thinking about the great fun I had with the old LunarNET.

I decided to bring it back, but just as the original goal was, Lunar-only. I took the Lunar special I had been working on since the beginning of LunarNET's existance, and transferred it to the newly designed LunarNET (Chronologist gets rights for this particular design). After a few attempts at running a new LunarNET, I just didn't feel it was the same anymore, and just left the "Lunar special" up and practically quit working on it. I had become pretty burnt out on games in general, and about the only games that even held my attention anymore was the Lunar and Suikoden series and an occassional multiplayer game here and there.

Fast forward to 2001. I was finishing up at the Junior College, getting ready for life at the University, and needed a project for a few webdesign classes. Thus, LunarNET v.3 was born! However, after about 9 months of running the site, I just couldn't keep up with it anymore. I was spending more and more time in my classes, and after talking it over with the staff, I handed the site over to Drumlord, who turned what we had built into the mega-site GamesAreFun.com. However, I brought back the LUNAR special once again!

This LunarNET v.4 was all about LUNAR again! It opened up on Easter Sunday, the day before April Fools, 2002. Coincidentally, GamesAreFun itself opened on April Fools. :P

Around July of 2002, I unvieled the final design of LunarNET. LunarNET v.5 was born as the ultimate Lunar website you now see today! It is now over half a decade old, and has already spawned two extremely popular websites in RPGFan and GamesAreFun since it's creation.

And we're not done yet...