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MSL Anime - Script

Below is the translated script for Magical School Lunar! Secret of the Blue Dragon. This is the dialogue only, and does not include on-screen actions or descriptions.

Translation by Kaiser Farooque ("Kizyr")

Translation may not be used without express permission of translator. Translation also may not be posted in part (longer than five pages) nor in full at any location besides LunarNET ( without express permission of translator.

GlenSo good of you to come. This anime will be over before you know it, so please get ready to watch as the best students of the Magic School suddenly fall victim to Barua of the Vile Tribe's mysterious power!
BaruaOh ho ho ho!
GlenThey've been captured!
StudentHey! I'm no 'best student'!
GlenWhat could their plan be?
[glen's sign]This guy's the Dean
[letter]Ransom Note
SteelWhat!? 'If you want your top students back, then hand over the power of the Blue Dragon!'
GlenThat's their plan!
SteelWhat's a Blue Dragon?
[memphis' head]Memphis
MemphisThat's *the* Blue Dragon... It's the source of great power, and it will be mine!
BaruaMemphis is out of proportion...
GlenThat's it... of course! Dean! If we want to get the students back, we'll have to hand over the Blue Dragon's power!
SteelBut we don't have a Blue Dragon
GlenThe Dean thought long and hard for three days and nights
SteelThat's it! A 'plow' is what drives the snow
GlenEarth to Steel...
SteelYou three there, I have a mission for you...
GlenAnd suddenly he gets serious
SteelYou must rescue the other students! Therefore go and see what's the issue with the Blue Dragon So go forth! I leave things in your hands! For the honor of the Magic School, strike back at the Vile Tribe! And though you may be afraid, you shall not fail!
All 3 GirlsMagical School Lunar! The Secret of the Blue Dragon
SeniaI don't get it. There aren't *any* other students in school who'd be better suited to handle the Vile Tribe?
EllieWe're like the stragglers of the school. How are we supposed to fight them?
LenaI wonder what I'll have for dinner...
EllieThe Dark Castle's supposed to be protected by a strong monster
LenaMaybe I'll have a B.L.T.?
SeniaSay, Ellie, wouldn't it be faster if you just walked?
EllieBut I feel like flying
SeniaYou're such a drag
EllieEh? Hey, is something riding on my back?
EllieWhat? Hey, what's riding on me?
SeniaEllie, you hate cats, right?
EllieUh-huh. I can't stand them
SeniaWhy is that?
EllieI sneeze uncontrollably when they're around. Why? Is a cat riding on me?
SeniaLena, you tell her
LenaHm, yep, it's a cat
EllieAchoo! Achoo! Achoo! Achoo! Why did it have to be a cat? Achoo!
SeniaIt's a kitten
EllieA kitten is still a cat--achoo!
LenaOh it's so cute! It even has little wings
LenaEllie, are you scared of this little kitty? Oh you're just a helpless little kitty, aren't you--
LenaYahh! It's... it's a demon! There's some demon in there!
SeniaJust deal with it
EllieSenia, can't you get rid of it?
SeniaOh I suppose so Hey hey hey! Hey little Tama! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! There, now it's gone
EllieIt had me startled
Senia [back]You think my voice is scary? Wait 'til you see my lightning magic! That'll make you turn tail and run, little kitty! Ha ha ha ha!
LenaSay, Ellie, you hate cats, right?
LenaAnd you're not sneezing?
EllieThat's because Senia chased that cat away
Lena...ok then
[Castle]Welcome to the Dark Castle's Fortress
SeniaSo this is the Dark Castle?
EllieIt looks kind of funny
GlenNow, how will they ever get inside the fortress of iron? ...huh?
LenaThat was easier than I expected
EllieSomeone must've left the front door unlocked
MemphisThose brats entered far too easily, Barua
BaruaNot to worry, Memphis. I shall send Minotaurus after them ...and, you're still drawn out-of-proportion
MemphisWell, this fortress turns into a labyrinth. So their walk through the park ends here
BaruaMemphis, from that angle all you can see is your head
LenaI got a bad feeling about this
EllieSenia, if a monster shows up, what do we do?
SeniaI haven't thought that far ahead. We'll just run away
EllieI guess so
LenaWe're too weak to fight
LenaOhh, I think I just heard some creepy voice
Minotaurus [s]Moo!
EllieMe too
MinotaurusMoo! Moo moo, moo! Moo?
GlenExcuse me. You're way too big; they don't notice you
MinotaurusOh, is that so? Moo!
SeniaI wonder how big those Vile Tribe are
LenaI bet even their faces are scary
GlenYou idiot, can't you understand how to use moderation?
MinotaurusHold it right there! I am Barua's servant, Minotau--
All 3 GirlsAaahhh!
Minotaurus [s]I... I am... Barua's servant... Minotaurus... Hey! Be quiet!
All 3 GirlsAhh! Ahh! Oh no! Scary! Ahh!
SeniaDead end!
EllieOh no!
MinotaurusThere! I am Barua's servant!
All 3 GirlsYahh!
MinotaurusThe invincible, unequaled Minotaurus!
MemphisBarua, you look crushed
StudentsYeah, the old lady's crushed flat
EllieAh, we're here
SeniaEveryone's trapped
LenaWhat do we do?
MemphisYou got here so soon
BaruaYou brats!
GlenThey got here way too quickly!
BaruaSo good of you to come, 'stragglers'
Student 1Hey, the three of them are stragglers
Student 2It's hopeless
Student 3Yeah, we're screwed
MemphisDid you girls bring with you the power of the Blue Dragon?
Barua...oh Memphis
EllieI'm telling you, the Blue Dragon isn't at the Magic School
LenaHow are we supposed to give you what we don't have?
SeniaYou should give it up and return the students
Memphis [s]Listen here! It's those students or the Blue Dragon, ok? So bring me the Blue Dragon!
All 3 GirlsYaahh!
LenaHey, how about this cat? It even has wings!
Memphis [s]Cat?
Memphis [s]Achoo! Achoo! Achoo! Achoo!
EllieAchoo! Achoo! Achoo! Achoo!
LenaBoth of them...
SeniaAllergic to cats
MemphisBarua, get them!
BaruaIf you won't bring us the Blue Dragon, then you're of no use to us!
All 3 GirlsAhh!
LenaWe, we have to fight back!
GlenOh! Lena's conjuring up a hurricane! As strong as a paper airplane
BaruaWhat's this pathetic little whirlwind?
MinotaurusBarua, watch out! I'll save you!
LenaIt worked
SeniaAll right! Now, prepare for my lightning attack!
MinotaurusThose brats! I'll protect you from--
Barua [s]You worthless cow!
BaruaHow dare you harm me! I'll just do this!
StudentsYahh! Help us!
SeniaThis is bad!
EllieWe... we have to help them
BaruaDon't worry, you'll soon be joining them!
All 3 GirlsAahh!
BaruaSit and watch as your fellow students meet their end!
LenaWe can't do anything to help!
SeniaWe're captured!
EllieAnd I'm stuck next to that cat! Achoo! Achoo!
SeniaThat's beside the point!
StudentsAhh! Yahh!
BaruaYou three are next!
SeniaCrap, we're helpless!
LenaWe're too weak
EllieThe cat is licking me...
SeniaI said that's beside the point!
EllieHuh? What... what's this power? This power is welling up inside me
BaruaWhoa, whoa whoa! Ow...
LenaWhat is it, Ellie?
EllieI suddenly feel powerful
BaruaHow dare you harm my precious rear!
All 3 GirlsAahhh!
BaruaI'll chop you to bits!
SeniaIt's over. We're finished!
LenaWe really are too weak to fight
EllieBut... but... together we can do this! Just like always!
SeniaRight! The three of us can do this!
LenaAlone we may be weak...
EllieBut if we combine ouwer power... Whoa! The kitten is lighting up!
GlenHe fell asleep...
LenaThe... the kitty
EllieGrew huge!
GlenThe Blue Dragon! That kitten is really the Blue Dragon!
SeniaOut of the way, old man
All 3 GirlsHuh?
GlenThe Blue Dragon's power! Inside the three of you lay the Blue Dragon's power!
SeniaOut of the way, old man!
BaruaThe Blue Dragon's power was in those brats?
MemphisWell, I have to go turn the rice cooker on now
BaruaGet back here!
EllieBarua, take this!
MinotaurusBarua, watch out! Whoa!
EllieWe did it!
MinotaurusUh... B... Barua! What happened to you...
All 3 GirlsAh ha ha ha ha!
SeniaWe did it
EllieYeah, we fought together, all three of us
LenaWe can do anything, even if we aren't strong
SeniaThanks to Tama
EllieHuh? Wait a sec
LenaThe kitty's gone...
SeniaSo that kitten was the Blue Dragon
EllieSure surprised me
Students [s]Hey! You three! Help us! We're gonna die! Aahh!
SeniaWell, in any case, at least nothing bad happened
EllieYeah, let's go home
LenaI can't wait for dinner
All 3 GirlsAh ha ha ha!
GlenDon't 'ah ha ha' me!
All 3 GirlsAahh! We forgot!
SeniaOh no!
LenaEveryone is...
Student 1Ahh, we're fine...
Student 2Oh this hot tub is nice
Student 3Sorry for your trouble
[Song]Makasigi fusikama gisifuka masikama
gimasika kasimafu fukasigi kamasima
You may think this world's just like hell
But you know the spell
GlenSee you again!

Someone once said
This world is such a mystery
Only those who believe can see it
(Those who believe can hear it)
The mystery

Only the truth
Knocks at your heart
Yesterday and tomorrow are but a dream
(Really, really, like a dream)
Experience the present

This world is a mystery, no matter what's there
Pick whatever reality you like
If you keep in mind the mystery, even if there's magic
Mys... mys... mystery... mystery!

Yo, what up?
I dunno if you ever heard this kind of funky stuff
But man I tell you all
If you know the spell
You ain't got nothin' to worry about in this damn whole world

If you keep in mind the mystery, even if there's magic
Mys... mys... mystery... mystery!


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