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-September 2nd-
Emulation page is being worked on some more to put in some ROM links to ROM sites and VGW now sponsors video game based clubs!

-September 2nd-
Change the colors of the text to look nicer.

-September 1st-
The forum is almost up...its gonna have LOTS of stuff for all types of gamers!

-September 1st-
The emulation page is up!!!

-August 30th-
An emulation page is being worked and should be up within a few hours(hopefully) or maybe tommorrow.

-August 30th-
We are working on a new video game forum for users. It will have interveiws with many of the greats in the industry.

-August 30th-
There is now a marquee title at the top of the page along with a new banner.

-August 29th-
Contests will be held at VGWs sister site Eternal Virtex of Gaming so go win some prizes!

-August 29th-
Put in some extra animation on this page. Added a club message board. Added a link to Playstation EX. Starting work on an EMULATION PAGE which should make ALOT of you happy!

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