This page is currently down due to some legal problems with Simplenet. We will try to have the music back up in the near future but on another server which doesn't mind us having MP3 files of Videogame music. This is really stupid however since videogame music is not exactly like regular music. I understand that Simplenet doesn't want people ripping music from CDs that are on sale in the United States and put them on their server but videogame music is not the same. We cannot buy videogame music CDs in the stores over here (except for specialized import stores) so it's not like we are preventing the companies from making money by distributing their music on the internet. What is even more stupid is that they don't mind people having WAV files or Real Audio files of music on their server. What is the difference? It is still the same music. I really hate the bad rap that MP3s have had in the past and because of that, we are unable to present you with some awesome music from your favorite RPGs. How is putting MP3 files of music on the internet any different than putting movie files? It's as if they are saying that we can rip the graphics of the games but not the music. This makes no sense at all to me. Anyway, I'm done bitching now but I just needed to get this off my chest. Thanks for your support and we'll make it up to you soon.